21st Annual WildKAT Chase 5k!

The Women of Kappa Alpha Theta are proud to present the 21st annual WildKAT Chase 5k! This event will be October 1st, 2017 beginning at 10:00 A.M. at the Kansas State University Student Union. We welcome all to participate in a 5k run/walk to support  Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA).

CASA is an organization that supports children in the court system at no fault of their own. It costs approximately $1,000 to support one child with a CASA every year. Last year, we were able to raise a total of $17,742 and this year we are trying to help even more CASA kids!

If you are interested in participating in this year’s WildKAT Chase, registration is $20 and includes a t-shirt. You may contact any Theta or go online at https://www.athlinks.com/event/wildkat-chase-56009 to register. We hope to see you there and thank you for supporting CASA!


Greek Week 2017!

Last week was one of the most exciting weeks of the year for K-State Greek life students: Greek Week! The Greek community came together to raise funds for The Non-Traditional and Veteran Student Services (NTVSS). Theta wanted to come out with a bang since we were the reigning champions. This year’s theme was superheroes and we were paired with the men of Theta Xi and FarmHouse to become Team Batman.

The week started out on Sunday, Feb. 19 at Bramlage Coliseum for Greeks Got Talent. Members Mackenzie Pepper, Megan Fish, and Claire Calvert along with a few members from FarmHouse and Theta Xi sung the song “Superhero” by Ross Lynch. Their performance earned Team Batman 2nd Place overall.

On Monday, there was Dining For A Cause at multiple restaurants like Pie Five, Buffalo Wild Wings, Noodles and Co, etc. where part of the profits made between 5-9 p.m. would go to NTVSS. Greek students could also participate in Penny Wars for their teams at these restaurants as well, which was an ongoing event from Monday through Thursday.

Tuesday was the social media challenge where teams could post photos of them dressed as a superhero or doing a superhero pose on campus or they could post a photo of themselves or someone else doing a random act of kindness. Teams could also make social media posts about why they are thankful for our veterans and men and women serving in the military.

K-State is all about Pride and Wednesday of Greek Week was the annual Proud game where the men’s basketball team hosted Oklahoma State. Students attended the game to receive points for their team and come together with non-Greek students to show that they’re K-State Proud!

On Thursday there was a fitness challenge at the Rec for students to attend and receive more points for their teams. Then on Friday everyone headed back to the Rec to find out the overall results of Greek Week. Theta was very competitive as we were the reigning champs of Greek Week 2016. We put up a great fight and placed 3rd overall!

Sophomore Elizabeth Hayes, Chief Panhellenic Officer for Theta, explained what her favorite part about Greek Week was.

“Greek Week is the chapter’s enthusiasm,” said Hayes. “Everyone was hanging out with each other at the events, cheering on their sisters, and making friends from other pairings. Everyone in Theta was showing a lot of support for our team and I think we all fed off of each other’s energy.”

Since Hayes is our Chief Panhellenic Officer, Greek Week can be a busy week for her.

“I went to all of the events, Greeks Got Talent practices, and Greek Week chair meetings, but I never felt overbooked throughout whole week,” said Hayes. “I genuinely wanted to be participating in everything and I enjoyed the craziness of it all!”

Through the business of it all, Hayes mentioned how excited Team Batman was to raise funds for NTVSS.

“I was thrilled to learn that the proceeds of Greek Week were going to support NTVSS,” said Hayes. “The cause is very relevant for K-State, so it feels amazing to know that Team Batman raised over $600 for those have served our country.”

Greek Week is a great time to bond not only with our sisters and make even stronger friendships, but everyone else in the Greek community.

“I loved being able to get to know so many people during Greek Week,” said Hayes. “I was constantly communicating with our partners, and they were so great and easy to work with. But I also got to know more Thetas. I was constantly laughing at all the crazy selfies sent my way from people attending the events. Everyone did an awesome job this Greek Week, which makes me very proud to represent Kappa Alpha Theta.”


Miss K-State 2016

April 12, 2016, Manhattan, Kansas- Delta Upsilon Fraternity and the Union Program Council hosted Kansas State University’s fourth annual “ THE MISS K-STATE COMPETITION” on Tuesday, April 12. This event features various organizations on campus through the submission of one woman who exemplifies the values and traditions of their organization.

Kappa Alpha Theta was represented in the competition by sophomore Christine Rock. Rock is duel majoring in food science and political science and minoring in non-profit leadership studies.

“I really liked being able to express my passions, and the importance I feel for hunger,” Rock said. “The fact that I got to advocate for those things is why I ultimately decided to participate in the competition.”

Proceeds from this event go to Delta Upsilon’s International Philanthropy, the Global Service Initiative.

Junior Samantha Thomas said that she loved watching the live stream of the event because of the central focus on the Global Service Initiative.

“Christine was true to herself from beginning to end,” Thomas said. “I believe her passion and drive are what won her the title of Miss K-State 2016.”

Contestants compete in four different rounds. These rounds include the Wildcat Round, the Talent Round, the Career Round and the Question Round.

“I think it was really cool getting to rap, but my favorite part was the career round because I got to talk about what I am passionate about,” Rock said. “Even though I was not the one speaking, it was awesome having the opportunity to share my passion for hunger.”

The overall award for “MISS K-STATE 2016” includes a tiara, a sash, a bouquet of flowers, and a trophy. Rock will hold her title for a year, participating in events both on and off campus.

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“I am excited to be able to represent K-state,” Rock said. “I am also so happy to have the opportunity to talk to so many people about the issue of hunger and be able to spread awareness.”

Greek Week

Every year, the Greek community at Kansas State University teams up to support one philanthropy and participates in activities for Greek Week. This year, the Greek community came together to raise money for the Manhattan branch of Habitat for Humanity.

This year, Greek Week took place the week of February 21 through February 26. This year’s theme for the week was Survivor. The sororities and fraternities were first paired up. Then each pairing was given a color and given an animal as its mascot. Kappa Alpha Theta was paired with Sigma Phi Epsilon and Beta Sigma Psi. Our team name was the Burgundy Badgers.

The first day, Feb. 21, was Dine for a Cause. Members could eat at Smashburger, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, Jeff’s Pizza Shop or Orange Leaf and a portion of the tab would be donated. Sunday was also the start of Penny Wars. Everyday during Greek Week there were jars labeled with each team name set out where the events were taking places. Teams were trying to raise as many pennies as possible. Teams could put quarters, dimes, nickels, or bills into other teams’ jars causing them to lose points.

On Feb. 22, Survivor games were held at the Recreation Complex. Two members of each house participated in either a trivia, athletic or scavenger hunt challenge. Penny Wars also continued at a table set up in the Kansas State University Union, where there was also a Greek giveaway.

The third day, Feb. 23, free hot chocolate was given away outside of Hale Library. Penny Wars the Greek giveaway continued. Greek giveaway items varied from items such as USB car chargers, yo-yos, highlighters and stickers.

Feb. 24 at McCain Auditorium was Greek’s Got Talent. Tickets were five dollars each, and the money raised was donated. Each team selected one act to preform to try to win over the judges. The Burgundy Badgers got second place with “Bachelor the Musical.”

“Greek’s Got Talent was definitely my favorite part,” Leah Fields, sophomore in family studies and human services, said. “Since I have been helping plan Greek Week since the beginning of the semester, it was really cool seeing everything fall into place.”

There was a social media challenge on Feb. 25 where members of the Greek community could tweet using the hash tag #whyimgreek, their team name and mentioning the Greek Week twitter account. All members were encouraged to post and the team with the most points won. The Burgundy Badgers received first place in the first social media challenge.

The second part to the social media challenge was to find the most creative place to take a picture with the team flag. The Burgundy Badgers chose to go to the Beach Museum and dress as if they were on the beach, despite the cold weather. The Burgundy Badgers got third place on the second social media challenge.

Feb. 26 was the final day for Penny Wars, and the winners were announced at a bonfire at Britt’s Farm in the evening. Members of the houses collected money for their teams until the very last second. Teams brought in hundreds of dollars worth of pennies and other change to try to take down competitors.

That evening at the bonfire, it was announced that the Burgundy Badgers got first place. Even though the team dropped dramatically in Penny Wars on Friday, the team only had to raise five dollars to keep the lead.

“I was just so proud of Theta,” Fields said. “It made me really happy seeing everything turn out successful. It made the all of the stress of planning it worth it. I felt like a proud mom.”

Kappa Alpha Theta not only won Homecoming earlier in the year, but kept up the trend to win Greek Week as well.

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“Theta is full of passionate women who are not willing to give anything but their best in everything we do,” Samantha Thomas, junior in family studies and human services, said. “Being a champion is more than just showing up and doing well. It is about caring and being willing to go above and beyond. We are united and that is an incredible feeling.”

Founder’s Day

Jan. 27, 2016, Manhattan, Kansas— Kappa Alpha Theta’s Founder’s Day celebrates and honors the four founders who created an opportunity for women to be leaders on their campuses, in their communities and in their professions. Bettie Locke, Alice Allen, Bettie Tipton and Hannah Fitch founded Kappa Alpha Theta on Jan. 27, 1870.

Being a Theta leads women to life long friendships, unique experiences and the opportunity to set goals for themselves. The founders of Theta demonstrated the highest level of personal excellence, and have continued to make an impact in the lives of women over 100 years later.

“Being a part of Theta has given me the opportunity to practice leadership not only through holding a position, but also in my everyday life by challenging me to always be the best display of a leading woman I can possibly be,” Amy Prieb, sophomore in industrial engineering, said.

Theta now has more than 250,000 initiated members and over 130 college chapters at colleges and universities across the United States and Canada.

Kappa Alpha Theta’s mission is yesterday, today and tomorrow, Kappa Alpha Theta exists to nurture each member throughout her college and alumnae experience and to offer a lifelong opportunity for social, intellectual, and moral growth as she meets the higher and broader demands of mature life.

“To me, our mission statement means giving everyone the chance to grow throughout their lifetime,” Abby Krstulic, junior in hospitality management, said. “It exists to help you find your friends and your passions in college and gives you the opportunity to continue growing past college.”

Today, we honor the lives of the women who have inspired us to be leading women on our campus, in our community and in our professions.

“I am thankful for Theta because it has brought me a best friend that I never had in high school,” Joni Sheets, freshman in elementary education, said. “Theta is not the typical sorority girls. We are a great example in our community, on campus, and in our daily lives and I am so glad to be a part of this sisterhood.”