Who We Are

Founded in 1870 at Indiana Asbury (now DePauw University) in Greencastle, Ind., Kappa Alpha Theta is the first Greek-letter Fraternity known among women. In creating Kappa Alpha Theta, our founders were leading the way for women’s groups and for women in higher education. Our members are women of all ages: women who attended college in nearly every US state and Canadian province, women who live all over the world, and women with varied professions, faiths, and ethnic backgrounds.

What We Do

Kappa Alpha Theta is known as a leading women’s group; our ideas and programs have often been on the cutting edge. “Leader” is not a title conferred or an office held; as individuals and as chapters, Thetas are known for leading in our communities and on our campuses.


Theta Today

Theta has more than 130 college chapters at colleges and universities across the U.S. and Canada.
Theta has more than 200 alumnae chapters and groups.
Theta has more than 250,000 total initiated members.
Thetas continue to achieve prominence in every professional field—from medicine to literature to politics. Check out some of our notable Thetas.
Theta provides growth and opportunities for young women that promote academic excellence and the widest influence for good, namely CASA, Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation, and the Friendship Fund.
The Fraternity is a not-for-profit Indiana corporation with Kappa Alpha Theta Headquarters in Indianapolis, Ind.



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