Meet Olivia Streit

Olivia Streit is a sophomore from Salina, Kansas majoring in Life Science Pre-Nursing. She got her CNA while in high school which lead her to a job where she was surrounded by nurses. Streit saw that they were doing something really meaningful and it inspired her to pursue nursing as a career.

Streit keeps herself busy with being involved with many organizations during her college career. She is involved with KSU blood drives, UCC respite nights, and KRR (elementary school reading program). Along with these extracurricular activities, she is also a part of the Pre-Nursing club.

“It has helped me meet new people and connected me with new volunteer opportunities,” said Streit.

Her involvement outside of the classroom has allowed her to grow and shape herself into the leading woman that she is today and Theta is nothing short of a huge impact for Streit.

“It has lead me to so many amazing people, helped me get active on campus and in the community, and made me a more confident and outgoing person,” said Streit. “It was a place that made me feel comfortable. I thought I would be able to be myself there.”

Streit has enjoyed her time as a wildcat, but next year she will be rocking different school colors.

“I will be attending KU Salina School of Nursing next semester to work towards my bachelor’s degree in nursing!” said Streit.

We congratulate Olivia on her big accomplishment and wish her the best of luck!

Here are some fun facts about Olivia Streit!

  • Her favorite sonic drink is a Mango Sprite.
  • Streit’s favorite K-State memory is all the football games she has attended.
  • Her dream job is to work with the Treehouse Master’s crew, helping them design and build treehouses.

Meet Kristen Keene

Kristen Keene is a sophomore from Wichita, Kansas majoring in Secondary Education with an emphasis in English. Keene has always known that she wanted to be an english teacher because she loves working with kids and the many aspects of English – such as grammar and literature. Her dream job is to be a middle school english teacher.

When Keene isn’t working hard in the classroom to be the one in charge someday, she is involved with Christian Challenge.

“Being involved in a campus ministry has helped make a BIG campus seem a little smaller,” said Keene. “This community has helped and encouraged me through the highs and lows of my time at K-State thus far.”

Not only has Christian Challenge been a huge encouragement to Keene, a particular friend has impacted her college experience.

“My life group leader and mentor, Caelan Blair, has been my Manhattan momma since day one,” said Keener. “She has encouraged me in my faith, challenged me to be the best I can be, edited my papers, helped me study, and answered countless questions about college life ranging from what time the football game starts or where a certain building on campus is to how to bake a pie and how to register to vote. I would be lost without her guidance and wisdom.”

Keene has had a lot of positive impacts through her college career and Theta is just one of the many.

“From challenging me to be the best I can be academically, socially, and personally, Theta has helped me in so many ways,” said Keene. “I have been encouraged and inspired by the women I have met within Theta to pursue excellence in my studies, give more of my time and effort to the community, and be the best me I can be personally.”

Even though Keene can’t remember her first moments at Theta perfectly, she is still thankful to be a part of the Theta sisterhood.

“Unfortunately I don’t know who it was that I was talking to, but during the very first round of recruitment my freshman year, I talked to a girl at Theta who said I seemed really chill about the whole recruitment process,” said Keene. “My response was something along the lines of how Theta also seemed like a pretty chill environment. After that, I knew Theta was the one for me! I wouldn’t trade the relaxed, easy-going environment of this house for anything. What a blessing it is to be a part of something that makes me feel so loved and comfortable.”

Here are some fun facts about Kristen Keene!

  • Her favorite sonic drink is a Cherry Limeade (easy on the ice, though)!
  • This summer she will be an assistant poll manager at Terradyne Country Club in Andover, KS.
  • Her favorite K-State memory is: “It’s less of a memory and more of an ongoing thing: my favorite pass-time is to gather up a bunch of friends and drive around Manhattan serenading everyone we see. So if you’re out and about and you hear loud, obnoxious, and off-key renditions of High School Musical or Hannah Montana songs, there’s about a 107% chance that it’s me!”