Meet Sarah Lasnier

Sarah Lasnier is a freshman from Overland Park, Kansas majoring in Biochemistry and minoring Leadership and Business. She chose this major because she loves to learn about cell biology and the different ways chemistry can be used to solve biological problems. Lasnier chose her minors to balance out her interests because she loves to interact with people. Her dream job would be the head of Research and Development at a biotechnology company or working on developing clean energy via biofuels.

Wanting to have a future in research, Lasnier has already gotten a head start on campus with her involvement.

“I participate in undergraduate research on Lysosomal Storage Disorders and I am also a part of the honors program,” said Lasnier.

Even though she is only a freshman, her involvement has made a huge influence on her college career.

“The research has been vital to broadening my academic experience and has also helped me to be more efficient at time management,” said Lasnier. “My leadership minor has also been vital to my college experience in terms of learning how we have an opportunity to benefit our communities through our leadership as well as coming to a better understanding of who I am.”

On top of her involvements making a huge impact, she knows her Theta sisters are always there to support her.

“They have really given me a home and I know every single theta has my back when I need them and vice versa,” said Lasnier. “Literally anyone of my Theta Sisters have really made me feel like I belong and have supported me as I have them. They drive me to be my best self not only academically but in every way imaginable. I loved the atmosphere I felt here almost instantly and the girls are so caring, funny and diverse! Every possible major, club or interest is represented in Theta which I absolutely love; you are freed to be you’re unique best possible self with the irreplacable support of 100 plus sisters!”

Here are some fun facts about Sarah Lasnier!

  • Her favorite sonic drink is a Cherry Limeade.
  • Her plans this summer are to take a few summer classes and continue her undergraduate research at KU Med.
  • She has participated in Relay for Life, volunteered as Deanna Rose for 2 years and helped coach younger girls how to pitch for softball.
  • Lasnier’s favorite K-State memory so far was Bid Day!



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