Meet Leah Fields

Leah Fields is a senior from Shawnee, Kansas majoring in Human Development and Family Sciences with minors in Leadership and Hospitality Management. Choosing her majors and minors were not the easiest decisions.

“This is my eighth major because I really just did not know what I wanted to pursue in life!” said Fields. “I knew that I wanted to work with people and HDFS seemed like the perfect fit for that!”

Fields’ dream job is doing full-time ministry work of some type. She specifically wants to move overseas to share the Gospel.

“I am not sure I was to live overseas for a lifetime, but this is what I would love to do as of now!” said Fields. “I lived in India this summer sharing the Gospel and it would be a dream to go back there!”

When Fields is not in the classroom, she stays involved on campus by sharing the Gospel.

“I am involved with the campus ministry, Student Mobilization (Stumo) as well as the Stumo Student Leadership Team,” said Fields.

Being involved with Stumo has allowed Fields to see the world in a new light.

“I did not grow up in a religious home and coming into college, I was atheist/agnostic,” said Fields. “I eventually grew an interest in learning more about who God is and what a personal relationship with Him means and looks like. So I started going to stumo, as well as hanging out with friends who were involved with Stumo. They represented Christ better than any others I had seen growing up. They actually lived out their faith, which I respected a lot. So I started to get really plugged into Stumo and have learned what it looks like to follow Christ. I gained the tools and training I desired to live my life for Christ on a daily basis and how to share with others this new love for the Lord I discovered while in college. I have also just made my best friends through this organization. They are people who just love me so well and are great examples of what it looks like to follow Christ.”

Stumo has made a significant impact on her life, but a certain Theta helped her mold into the person she is today.

“Through Theta I met my best friend Cody, who then became my big,” said Fields. “She immediately included me in her life and always made me feel welcomed. This is about to sound super corny, but I really am the person I am because of her! She is who showed me what it looks like to follow Christ on a daily basis. She lived what the Bible preached-she was the only Christian I had ever met who truly lived it out! She not only became the person who helped mentor me in the faith, but she always just helped me to grow as a person. She brought out a side of me that helped me to grow so much! I grew in confidence and contentment because of her. She truly is just an amazing friend to me.”

Theta continues to be a great support system for Fields, as well as friends from other Greek organizations.

“Something I am so grateful about my college experience is how many friends I have not just within Theta, but also in the other sororities,” said Fields. “I think that our Greek system is so good at being welcoming to all. I love being able to make memories with all of K-State!”

Here are some fun facts about Leah Fields!

  • She will be attending Kaleo this summer!
  • Her favorite sonic drink is a cherry limeade (easy on the cherry).
  • Fields volunteers every Sunday at the church she attends and teaches two-year-olds about Jesus.
  • Some of her favorite memories about K-State are the fun game and movie nights she had with her friends.

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