Meet Heather Albers

Heather Albers is a senior from Warrensburg, Missouri majoring in Apparel and Textiles Marketing. She said that when she came to college, she wasn’t totally sure of what to major in so after many conversations with her mom she decided to follow in her footsteps and study what her mother studied in college. Her dream job is to become a buyer for a retail company in the near future.

When Albers is not in class, she stays busy on campus being a part of numerous organizations and clubs. She is a member of Student Governing Association, Union Program Council, Human Ecology College Council, Apparel Marketing and Design Alliance, Sportsmanship Committee, Campus Imitative Workgroup and the Human Ecology Mentorship Program.

Albers explained her reasoning for being so involved and how it benefited her college experience.

“I love being involved on campus!” said Albers. “I have found out that being involved makes me more efficient with my time and it’s a great opportunity to meet a variety of different people which is always fun to do.”

Being involved on campus was not the only benefit to her college experience thanks to her Theta sisters.

“Theta really helped me get out of my comfort zone.” said Albers. “When I came to K-State my freshman year I didn’t know anyone on campus and thankfully Theta helped me do more than meet people – it introduced me to some of my best friends.”

Not only has Theta given Albers some of her best friends, but has also helped her become the leading woman that she was meant to be.

“I always like to say that I didn’t choose Theta, Theta choose me,” said Albers. “Theta has helped shape me into the woman I am today, and had it not been for Theta, I honestly don’t think I would’ve had as much success in college as I have had. Also, my aunt was in Theta at K-State and it has been a really amazing sharing that experience with her.”

Once this semester wraps up, Albers is ready to tackle the fashion industry for the summer.

“I’ve been applying for internships from the east to west coast so it’s to be determined where I’ll be this summer, but I’m very excited to finally be working in the fashion industry!” said Albers.

Here are some fun facts about Heather Albers!

  • She has not one, not two, but THREE minors! She is minoring in statistics, business and leadership studies. When it came to adding her minors, she found topics that she was passionate about and her parents were fully supportive of adding multiple minors – even if they are somewhat random – so she was able to learn more about subjects she enjoys.
  • Her favorite sonic drink is a raspberry lemonade – easy on the ice, though.
  • Albers loves dogs and already knows that she wants a golden retriever to be her first dog.
  • Her favorite K-State memory was K-State vs. Auburn game her freshman year.



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