Meet Leah Nelson

Leah Nelson is a junior majoring in biochemistry and minoring in chemistry. She chose to major in biochemistry because she is interested in learning about the chemical processes of life and how our bodies work. Her dream is to go to medical school to become a pediatric rheumatologist.

“I want to be a doctor to serve the community that helped me and share hope with families going through difficult diseases,” Nelson said. “I think that by understanding the essential processes of the body I can better diagnose my patients.”

On campus, Nelson is involved as a College of Arts and Sciences Ambassador, the president of Chimes Junior Honorary, and a member of Christian Challenge. She has learned a lot from these experiences and has grown as a person throughout her involvement.

“I have made lifelong friendships, developed professionalism, served the community, been encouraged in my studies, and pushed in my walk with Christ in these organizations. The blessings and challenges that have come with each club have uniquely shaped my college experience,” Nelson said.

Each summer, Nelson volunteers as a counselor at a camp for children with chronic illnesses in Wichita. She also has given back to the community through many different organizations in Manhattan.

Many people have been there for Nelson throughout her college experience to support her and encourage her.

“From my parents, to my siblings, to my Theta sisters, and so many others, my college experience would be nothing without the love, support, and guidance I have been given,” Nelson said.

Nelson chose Theta because of the honest conversations she had with the women. Since then, Theta has given her the support she needs to thrive academically, professionally, and as a leader.

“I love the women I met in Theta and the memories I have made with them,” Nelson said. “I have found people who share my nerdy sense of humor, go on random food runs with me, dance on the tables at 2 AM, sit with me in class, and know my life better than I do.”

Here are some fun facts about Leah Nelson!

  • Her favorite soda is Dr. Pepper
  • Her favorites memories are from K-State football games
  • She is taking the MCAT this summer and applying for medical school
  • She will be the president of the Delta Eta chapter next year, and will be representing Delta Eta at Grand Convention in Orlando, Florida this summer
  • She is tutor for student athletes on campus
  • She is currently reading a book about anti-gravity and she can’t put it down!
  • The last one was a joke