Meet Taylor Duff

Taylor Duff is a sophomore majoring in animal science. With her animal science degree, she wants to be a veterinarian. ​​
“As a kid I always wanted to be a vet, and as I continued through high school I realized becoming a vet was a real possibility,” Duff said. “I absolutely fell in love with the profession and can’t imagine myself doing anything else.”​
On campus, Duff is involved in the running club as well as Theta. Through these organizations, she has met many different people.
“I’ve gotten to meet so many people outside of my major and am constantly reminded that it’s okay to take a break from studying whether it’s running or watching Netflix on a Thursday night eating Chef T’s queso,” Duff said.​
Someone who has made a difference for Duff is her academic advisor, Teresa Douthit.
“Even though I never know where my life is going when I go to see her, I always come out feeling very reassured and confident,” Duff said.​
Duff chose Theta because she had easy conversations on preference day and felt relaxed on the most stressful day of recruitment week.
“Theta has been an essential part of forming friendships at K-State,” Duff said. “Theta has surrounded me amazing people and given me the opportunities to do what I love with a strong support system.”

Here are some fun facts about Taylor Duff!
• She taught herself to juggle
• She recently signed up to volunteer with Purple PAWS
• Her favorite Sonic drink is a Powerade slush
• Her dream job is being a princess at Disney World!


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