Meet Kelli Ward

Kelli Ward is a freshman majoring in mechanical engineering. She chose this major because she has always loved solving problems and taking things apart to figure out how they work. Her grandfather also majored in engineering at K-State.

“I see being an engineer as a chance to use the talents I’ve been given to tangibly benefit society,” Ward said.

Ward has enjoyed being involved in Theta this semester, and she is planning on joining a design team through the College of Engineering soon.

“I’m excited to get involved in a design team or something else with engineering because I’m sure it will give me a lot of good hands-on experience to see what I enjoy doing in terms of possible future careers,” Ward said.

Primary recruitment can be stressful for most women, but Ward found somewhere she felt comfortable and welcome at Theta. Her involvement in Theta has helped ease the transition to college.

“Theta has given me a second family and a home away from home,” Ward said. “I know that if I ever want someone’s company, even if it’s just for a Walmart run, my sisters are there for me.”

Here are some fun facts about Kelli Ward!

  • Her favorite K-State memories so far have been at football games.
  • Her favorite Sonic drink is peach green tea.
  • She has worked with foster kids the last two summers!

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