Meet Alaycia Ryan

Alaycia Ryan is a senior majoring in food science. She chose this major because she wanted to be in the College of Agriculture, but was not exactly interested in plants, animals, or business. After speaking to someone she looks up to about food science, she became interested.

“As soon as I found out we get to make cookies in class, I was sold,” Ryan said. “I like learning about food in a new way and I love sharing what I have learned with others.”

Ryan’s dream job is to be an auditor for food production facilities.

“Even though going through an audit can be stressful for employees, it can be very beneficial identifying any errors in their production can be found and corrected. Ultimately, I would feel very accomplished knowing that I am helping ensure the safety of the food people eat every day,” Ryan said.

On campus, Ryan is involved in the Food Science Institute, the Kansas Value Added Food Lab, and the College of Agriculture. Through these experiences, she has met many people with similar interests as her.

“Surrounding myself with people that have similar goals and interests has been very beneficial for me,” Ryan said. “They encourage and inspire me to do my best and try do the same for others.”

Someone who has positively impacted Ryan’s college experience is a food sciences professor, Dr. Aramouni. Ryan had the opportunity to take some of his classes and work for him.

“He is the most generous person I have ever met, and he really cares about his students and their success,” Ryan said.

Ryan chose Theta after a special conversation with a friend on preference day. Emily Beneda, the woman that encouraged Ryan to pursue food science, told Ryan about her Theta experience, and Ryan was sold. Since then, Theta has given Ryan perspective and many women to call not only her sisters, but also her friends.

“In Theta, I am surrounded by friends with different backgrounds, opinions, interests, and personalities. I have learned so much from them and I am so thankful for their sisterhood,” Ryan said.

Here are some fun facts about Alaycia Ryan!

  • Her favorite Sonic drink is a cranberry Sprite
  • She is graduating in December and will be working in quality assurance and food safety at a meat processing facility
  • Her hobbies include watching movies, crocheting, and listening to audiobooks and podcasts
  • Her favorite K-State memory is watching Sky High in the Theta dining room during finals week

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