Meet Ellie Ward

Ellie Ward is a sophomore majoring in Secondary Education in Earth Science and minoring in Dance. She chose these curriculums because she has always been curious about science and she has been dancing for 17 years.

“I really enjoy working with kids and helping them learn about the world around them,” Ward said.

Ward has been a member of the K-State Tap Ensemble since her freshman year. She is also involved in research in the dance program.

“In the K-State Tap Ensemble I get to spend time dancing and improving my skills with some great friends I’ve meet there!” Ward said.

Along with her dance activities, Ward is an ambassador for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). She also volunteers at Marlatt Elementary School helping kids improve their reading abilities.

One of Ward’s friends that has made college more fun is Krista Everhart. Everhart and Ward met as new members in Theta.

“She was my first friend in Theta and she was my person to go to events with and watch movies on Friday nights with!” Ward said.

Ward chose Theta because she connected with the women and felt that she could be herself in Theta.

“Theta has given me a support group of amazing friends that will always be there for me no matter what kind of day I have,” Ward said. “It has given me a true home away from home.”

Here are some fun facts about the amazing and talented Ellie Ward!

  • She is obsessed with Disney, Halloween, and Supernatural
  • Her favorite Sonic drink is a Diet Cherry Limeade
  • She is auditioning for a character role at Disney World this summer!

Meet Sami Jansen

Sami Jansen is a freshman majoring Animal Science, Pre-vet. Jansen will be inducted into the early admission program later this month. She wants to get more involved with the vet school after her induction because she knows the early admission program will offer her many opportunities. Jansen has said that she has always wanted to be a veterinarian.

“I started shadowing when I was fourteen to make sure it was something I had a passion for. Shadowing with local vets (many of them being K-State alum) definitely put me on the right path early,” Jansen said.

Jansen mentioned that her big in Theta, Emily Francis, has made a significant impact during her first few months of college. Francis was her bid day buddy and is also an RA at Wefald, where Jansen currently resides.

“She [Francis] really is like my mom away from home and is always including me in activities and more importantly she takes me on target runs to buy fanny packs and sticky notes. She has been so supportive and it has been really nice having someone I can turn to for anything,” Jansen said.

Theta felt like home to Jansen ever since her first visit. She said that everyone was so
welcoming and she has been able to create many meaningful connections.

“I will always remember that when I ran to the house on bid night, multiple members who talked to me during recruitment remembered me and welcomed me home. The Theta community is one of the main reasons I chose Theta. It was also really important to me that I find a sorority that values academics and I found that in Theta. Many women in Theta genuinely want to excel academically and want to help their sisters excel as well,” Jansen said.

Here are some fun facts about Sami!
1. She is from Lenexa, Kansas.
2. Her favorite sonic drink is the classic Cherry Limeade!
3. She got early admission to the early admissions program for the KSU Veterinary College. (That is super rare!)
4. She wants to do something with veterinary medicine that has a humanitarian aspect.
5. She was a girl scout for 13 years!

Meet Lizzy Martino

Lizzy Martino is a senior majoring in biology. Her goal is to serve and impact people, especially in foreign countries. On campus, she is involved in Christian Challenge, Chinese Club, Worship Team, and Virology Club, as well as serving as a LIFE Group Leader and researcher in the Department of Biology. She has also helped her community by volunteering and fundraising for FOCUS. Martino is thankful for these experiences as they have allowed her to grow as a leader and develop her problem-solving skills.

“These organizations have given me mentors who challenged, encouraged, and grew me, as well as community to support and sharpen me,” Martino said.

Someone who has impacted Martino’s college experience is Jodi Pribyl, a woman on staff with Christian Challenge. Martino admires her relationships with others and her wisdom. Another person who has impacted Martino is her big, JoLynn Hennerberg.

“JoLynn has challenged me to be selfless, humble, and intentional,” Martino said. “Also, she has made me love swing dancing and cows more than I would have otherwise!”

Martino chose Theta because she felt that she could be herself around the women. She stayed in Theta because she met women that made her feel that Theta was a place she could grow, learn from others, and gain different perspectives.

“Theta has given me the most amazing friends, challenged me to strive to high ideals, and the diversity and genuineness in Theta has expanded, stretched, and humbled me in many ways that I’m so thankful for!” Martino said.

Here are some fun facts about the lovely Lizzy Martino!

  1. She’s left-handed
  2. She has performed in Carnegie Hall with the KSU Choir
  3. She lived in East Asia two summers ago
  4. She is getting married this summer and moving to Seattle
  5. She loves Kappa Alpha Theta!