Meet Ryanne Mercer

Ryanne Mercer is a sophomore majoring in Elementary Education. She chose this major because she loves interacting with kids and watching them learn and grow.

“Since senior year of high school, I have had many interactions in the classroom, and it solidified why I want to be a teacher,” Mercer said. “It also helps that I have had a huge support group of great teachers I have had that have motivated me to be a role model for someone like they were to me.”

On campus, Mercer is the Social Chairman for Education Council. Their mission is to grow leaders within the College of Education and to further the college’s best interests.

“It’s really awesome to be a part of something in the College of Education and help to plan events for campus,” Mercer said.

Mercer is also a coach for gymnastics. Through her coaching, she gets to know kids that share the same interest in gymnastics as her.

“I get to work with and get to know so many kids around the Manhattan which is super special to me,” Mercer said. “I also get to teach them something that I love doing.”

Someone who has positively impacted her college experience is Dr. Laura Teitjan. She is a professor in the College of Education who has impacted many of her students’ lives.

Dr. Laura Teitjan was my professor in Foundations of Education and that class

showed me exactly who I want to become,” Mercer said. “She is incredibly passionate and would do anything that she could to help out her students.”

Since her mother was also a Theta, Mercer has heard many stories about Theta and the memories her mother made while she was in the chapter. She knew that she wanted a similar experience and to be a part of a sisterhood that was just as special. During recruitment, Mercer felt very comfortable at Theta, and ultimately chose Theta because she knew she would fit in with the women.

“I have connected to and met so many wonderful people that have made me into a better person because of Theta,” Mercer said. “I have found friends that will last a lifetime.”