Meet Emily Meinhardt

Emily Meinhardt is a freshman majoring in Agricultural Communications and Animal Science and Industry as well as minoring in Leadership Studies. She chose these majors because agriculture is a big part of her life, but she also wants to be able to show her creativity in her future career.

“It is important for me to pursue a future career that would combine my creativity, my love of agriculture and my people skills,” Meinhardt said. “I realized that majoring in Ag Communications and Animal Science would allow me to best utilize my personal strengths.”

Meinhardt has always had a big passion for leadership. After taking LEAD 212, an introduction to leadership class, she knew that she wanted to minor in Leadership Studies.

“After taking LEAD 212, I began looking at leadership in different ways. This class gave me a broader outlook on how people interact and how to make an organization or just a group people work more efficiently together,” Meinhardt said.

On campus, Meinhardt is involved in Block and Bridle, an organization for students interested in animal agriculture. This past year she has served as a rookie representative and she has been elected to serve as the treasurer for next year. She enjoys being a member of Block and Bridle because she has made new friendships and she has become involved in the different activities the club organizes.

“The speakers at meetings have given me a broader outlook on the livestock industry and have increased my knowledge,” Meinhardt said. “I like how the club schedules both activity meetings and business meetings because it has given me both social and educational opportunities.”

Meinhardt has coordinated American Red Cross Blood Drives, as well as worked for Catholic Heart Work Camp where she assisted with basic home repairs and helped children with disabilities. She was also a Bulldog Buddies Mentor at her high school where she assisted her buddy with classwork and helped with fundraising projects.

Someone who has positively impacted her college experience is Alexis McCormick. When they first met on philanthropy day during Primary Recruitment, they automatically clicked and became friends. Since then, Emily has become Alexis’s little. Alexis has helped Emily with the transition from high school to college, from helping her find her classes to being there when she misses her family.


“Alexis always has given me the best advice whether it was about school or just everyday life. If I encounter an obstacle, Alexis is right there to help me through it. She made me feel immediately welcome here at Theta,” Meinhardt said.

Meinhardt chose Theta because it was where she felt most comfortable and at home. She also knew a lot about Theta since her mother and two aunts are also Thetas.

“During the week of Primary Recruitment, every time I came to Theta it felt like home. The girls wanted to get to know the real you. But the ideals and Theta’s initiative to always strive to make each sister the best person they can be is what locked me in,” Meinhardt said.

This summer, Meinhardt plans of working at the Kansas Department of Agriculture, along with attending many cattle shows and the Hereford Junior Nationals in Louisville, KY.


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