Meet Joni Sheets

Joni Sheets is a sophomore majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Leadership Studies. She was inspired to be a teacher by her father and the teachers she had growing up. A leadership minor has helped her expand her leadership skills and experience from high school.

“My dream job would be a kindergarten teacher back in my small hometown of Belleville. Kindergarteners are just so fun and I would love to be their first teacher they have for school!” Sheets said.

On campus, Sheets is an Education Ambassador. As an ambassador, she meets with potential K-State students and tells them about the College of Education.

“Being able to show my love toward K-State to potential students is something that I get out of being an Ambassador,” Sheets said. “To know that you can make or break someone’s college decision by the visit you provide is kind of intimidating, but if you nail it you could be the reason someone chooses to come to K-State and that’s really awesome.”

Sheets also volunteers as a tutor at the Douglas Community Center.

“It is so rewarding to help the children who attend weekly and build a relationship with them as I go. This tutoring is helping me gain skills I will need to be a teacher and reassures me that I chose the right path,” she said. “I love going to the Douglas Center on Tuesdays!”

On a college visit, Sheets met Shannon Caffrey, who soon became her best friend after coming to college. They have many things in common, including a passion for education and Theta.

“Shannon and I are literally the same person, with so much in common, and having the friendship we have is the greatest thing I could have asked for in college. She is somebody who would do anything for me and that is no lie.  I have heard that you meet your best friends in college, and before coming I thought that was pretty cliché, but halfway through my college years I know it is so true!” she said.

Sheets’ older sister, Jaclyn, is also a Theta. Her sister’s experience led her to want to be a Theta as well.

“I had seen the girls she had surrounded herself with in this organization and knew that those were the types of girls I could see myself being with as well.  Also, I just felt like I was at home when visiting Theta during Primary Recruitment.  The girls here are so genuine and make me a better person daily!” Sheets said.

Theta has had a positive impact on her college experience, from making new friends to random sledding trips with her Theta sisters. She has made even more memories this year while living in the Theta house.

“Living in this year has been a great experience for me and I would highly recommend it for anyone who gets the opportunity,” Sheets said. “You don’t only get to meet man

y more people who you might not hang out with otherwise, but if it is raining or snowing, you are guaranteed to have one of your sisters give you a ride to or from class, and that is pretty great!”


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