Meet Gabby Stein

Gabby Stein is a freshman majoring in computer science. She chose this major after taking a class her senior year of high school.

“I took an Intro to Computer Programming class my last semester of high school and enjoyed it, so I figured let’s just go with this!” Stein said.

With adjusting to college, it has been hard for her to make time to get involved in more than Theta and intramurals, but Stein is hoping to change that soon.

“I hope to get involved in the choir and a horseback riding club in the future,” she said.

Last semester, Stein volunteered at the Riley County Seniors Service Center.

“I got to work with some really amazing people as I assisted in sorting and packing up old war relics,” Stein said.

Someone who has helped Stein adjust to college is Sarah, a friend she made the first week of school.

“Our friendship has grown since we met from our biweekly lunch and dinner dates, Netflix movie nights, helping her with her lipstick, and her letting me borrow her clothes for chapter,” Stein said. “It’s so nice to have someone always there for me!”

Stein chose Theta because of the meaningful conversations she had with the women and she felt more and more at home every time she visited.

“Theta has provided me with an amazing group of women that I can get to know and grow close to over the next few years,” Stein said. “It feels like home here and I am so excited to live in next year!”

This summer, she will be working as the animal care attendant at Deanna Rose Farmstead in her hometown. Her job will be to talk to kids and give them pony rides. Along with working, she plans on cheering on the Royals in Kauffman Stadium and possibly going on a road trip to Lake Michigan.


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