Meet Allison Ivers

Allison Ivers is a senior double majoring in speech-language pathology and Spanish. She chose speech-language pathology after doing research on careers in the medical field and quickly fell in love with it. Originally, she planned on only minoring in Spanish, but soon realized she wanted a Spanish degree.

“After spending a summer abroad in Spain I fell completely in love with the language and wanted to learn more. I realized I had enough time to earn my Speech Path degree, a Spanish degree and graduate on time in 4 years. I decided to go for it and it’s been so rewarding,” Ivers said.

Ivers is a member of the Kansas State Student Speech-Language Hearing Association (KSSSLHA). They have a guest speaker every month and facilitate events to benefit different organizations in the community. Through KSSSLHA, she has been able to gain a lot of insight and ideas as to what she would like to do with her future, and has been able to get involved in the community.

“As a student at K-State, it can be easy to forget that real life goes on for people outside of campus who aren’t students,” Ivers said. “It has been great to be able to get more involved in the community and do some things to give back.”

Someone who has positively impacted Ivers’ college experience is Jessica Dominick, a fellow Theta and speech-language pathology and Spanish major. Dominick has been able to provide her guidance and answers to her questions throughout the years.

“Whether it was advice on classes, endless questions about graduate school applications, or calming my mental breakdowns, I am confident I would not have made it without her. Now that I am accepted into graduate school I look back and owe much to her,” Ivers said.

Ivers chose Theta because she knew that the women genuinely cared about her happiness. Whether or not she chose Theta at the end of recruitment week, they wanted her to make the decision that would make her the happiest. Since then, Ivers has grown to love the diversity of Theta and the support she has from her sisters.

“Between picking classes, study habits, help finding things in Manhattan; I’ve always had someone there whenever I needed it. It made the transition from home to college much smoother and a lot more enjoyable,” Ivers said.

This summer, she plans to either work or begin graduate school, depending on where she decides to go to graduate school.


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