Meet Meghan Regehr

Meghan Regehr is a junior majoring in biology. She chose this major because it is a diverse major and when she graduates she wants to go to veterinary school.

“I would like to work at a non-profit animal rehabilitation clinic someday, or maybe a zoo,” Regehr said. “If all else fails, I want to open a small animal veterinary practice.”

On campus, Regehr is involved in the pre-veterinary club and has worked in research labs. The pre-veterinary club has helped her get a glimpse into what the life of a veterinarian is and what it takes to get into veterinary school.

“Pre-veterinary club has definitely motivated me to study. We have veterinarians come in and speak to us and give us tips for getting into vet school. It’s really shaped the kind of classes I want to take, and how I react to difficult course-work,” Regehr said.

Regehr volunteers at Sunset Zoo twice a week where she prepares animals diets and update other volunteers on what is going on in the zoo. She also has a lot of volunteer opportunities through the pre-veterinary club, including hosting 5Ks and getting involved with local animal shelters.

Someone who has positively impacted her college experience is her advisor, Dr. Kent Kerby. He gives her advice on preparing for veterinary school.

“I go into Dr. Kerby’s office whenever I’m having a difficult time with a class and he always helps me see the big picture of it all,” Regehr said. “He constantly is reminding me to do things because I enjoy them, not just because they make me look good on an application.”

The reason Regehr chose Theta is because of the bond she felt with the woman who talked to her during her preference round, who later became Regehr’s GGBig.

“Kindall Shenefield and I talked about the most random things and it definitely was what helped me get through that very stressful week,” Regehr said.

Theta has provided Regehr with a great group of study buddies that are always down for a McDonald’s run. Her favorite K-State memories were made in her time living in the Theta house.

“I’ve made some really great memories and friends so far that I wouldn’t have found anywhere else,” Regehr said.


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