Meet Gabby Stein

Gabby Stein is a freshman majoring in computer science. She chose this major after taking a class her senior year of high school.

“I took an Intro to Computer Programming class my last semester of high school and enjoyed it, so I figured let’s just go with this!” Stein said.

With adjusting to college, it has been hard for her to make time to get involved in more than Theta and intramurals, but Stein is hoping to change that soon.

“I hope to get involved in the choir and a horseback riding club in the future,” she said.

Last semester, Stein volunteered at the Riley County Seniors Service Center.

“I got to work with some really amazing people as I assisted in sorting and packing up old war relics,” Stein said.

Someone who has helped Stein adjust to college is Sarah, a friend she made the first week of school.

“Our friendship has grown since we met from our biweekly lunch and dinner dates, Netflix movie nights, helping her with her lipstick, and her letting me borrow her clothes for chapter,” Stein said. “It’s so nice to have someone always there for me!”

Stein chose Theta because of the meaningful conversations she had with the women and she felt more and more at home every time she visited.

“Theta has provided me with an amazing group of women that I can get to know and grow close to over the next few years,” Stein said. “It feels like home here and I am so excited to live in next year!”

This summer, she will be working as the animal care attendant at Deanna Rose Farmstead in her hometown. Her job will be to talk to kids and give them pony rides. Along with working, she plans on cheering on the Royals in Kauffman Stadium and possibly going on a road trip to Lake Michigan.

Meet Allison Ivers

Allison Ivers is a senior double majoring in speech-language pathology and Spanish. She chose speech-language pathology after doing research on careers in the medical field and quickly fell in love with it. Originally, she planned on only minoring in Spanish, but soon realized she wanted a Spanish degree.

“After spending a summer abroad in Spain I fell completely in love with the language and wanted to learn more. I realized I had enough time to earn my Speech Path degree, a Spanish degree and graduate on time in 4 years. I decided to go for it and it’s been so rewarding,” Ivers said.

Ivers is a member of the Kansas State Student Speech-Language Hearing Association (KSSSLHA). They have a guest speaker every month and facilitate events to benefit different organizations in the community. Through KSSSLHA, she has been able to gain a lot of insight and ideas as to what she would like to do with her future, and has been able to get involved in the community.

“As a student at K-State, it can be easy to forget that real life goes on for people outside of campus who aren’t students,” Ivers said. “It has been great to be able to get more involved in the community and do some things to give back.”

Someone who has positively impacted Ivers’ college experience is Jessica Dominick, a fellow Theta and speech-language pathology and Spanish major. Dominick has been able to provide her guidance and answers to her questions throughout the years.

“Whether it was advice on classes, endless questions about graduate school applications, or calming my mental breakdowns, I am confident I would not have made it without her. Now that I am accepted into graduate school I look back and owe much to her,” Ivers said.

Ivers chose Theta because she knew that the women genuinely cared about her happiness. Whether or not she chose Theta at the end of recruitment week, they wanted her to make the decision that would make her the happiest. Since then, Ivers has grown to love the diversity of Theta and the support she has from her sisters.

“Between picking classes, study habits, help finding things in Manhattan; I’ve always had someone there whenever I needed it. It made the transition from home to college much smoother and a lot more enjoyable,” Ivers said.

This summer, she plans to either work or begin graduate school, depending on where she decides to go to graduate school.

Meet Meghan Regehr

Meghan Regehr is a junior majoring in biology. She chose this major because it is a diverse major and when she graduates she wants to go to veterinary school.

“I would like to work at a non-profit animal rehabilitation clinic someday, or maybe a zoo,” Regehr said. “If all else fails, I want to open a small animal veterinary practice.”

On campus, Regehr is involved in the pre-veterinary club and has worked in research labs. The pre-veterinary club has helped her get a glimpse into what the life of a veterinarian is and what it takes to get into veterinary school.

“Pre-veterinary club has definitely motivated me to study. We have veterinarians come in and speak to us and give us tips for getting into vet school. It’s really shaped the kind of classes I want to take, and how I react to difficult course-work,” Regehr said.

Regehr volunteers at Sunset Zoo twice a week where she prepares animals diets and update other volunteers on what is going on in the zoo. She also has a lot of volunteer opportunities through the pre-veterinary club, including hosting 5Ks and getting involved with local animal shelters.

Someone who has positively impacted her college experience is her advisor, Dr. Kent Kerby. He gives her advice on preparing for veterinary school.

“I go into Dr. Kerby’s office whenever I’m having a difficult time with a class and he always helps me see the big picture of it all,” Regehr said. “He constantly is reminding me to do things because I enjoy them, not just because they make me look good on an application.”

The reason Regehr chose Theta is because of the bond she felt with the woman who talked to her during her preference round, who later became Regehr’s GGBig.

“Kindall Shenefield and I talked about the most random things and it definitely was what helped me get through that very stressful week,” Regehr said.

Theta has provided Regehr with a great group of study buddies that are always down for a McDonald’s run. Her favorite K-State memories were made in her time living in the Theta house.

“I’ve made some really great memories and friends so far that I wouldn’t have found anywhere else,” Regehr said.

Greek Week 2017!

Last week was one of the most exciting weeks of the year for K-State Greek life students: Greek Week! The Greek community came together to raise funds for The Non-Traditional and Veteran Student Services (NTVSS). Theta wanted to come out with a bang since we were the reigning champions. This year’s theme was superheroes and we were paired with the men of Theta Xi and FarmHouse to become Team Batman.

The week started out on Sunday, Feb. 19 at Bramlage Coliseum for Greeks Got Talent. Members Mackenzie Pepper, Megan Fish, and Claire Calvert along with a few members from FarmHouse and Theta Xi sung the song “Superhero” by Ross Lynch. Their performance earned Team Batman 2nd Place overall.

On Monday, there was Dining For A Cause at multiple restaurants like Pie Five, Buffalo Wild Wings, Noodles and Co, etc. where part of the profits made between 5-9 p.m. would go to NTVSS. Greek students could also participate in Penny Wars for their teams at these restaurants as well, which was an ongoing event from Monday through Thursday.

Tuesday was the social media challenge where teams could post photos of them dressed as a superhero or doing a superhero pose on campus or they could post a photo of themselves or someone else doing a random act of kindness. Teams could also make social media posts about why they are thankful for our veterans and men and women serving in the military.

K-State is all about Pride and Wednesday of Greek Week was the annual Proud game where the men’s basketball team hosted Oklahoma State. Students attended the game to receive points for their team and come together with non-Greek students to show that they’re K-State Proud!

On Thursday there was a fitness challenge at the Rec for students to attend and receive more points for their teams. Then on Friday everyone headed back to the Rec to find out the overall results of Greek Week. Theta was very competitive as we were the reigning champs of Greek Week 2016. We put up a great fight and placed 3rd overall!

Sophomore Elizabeth Hayes, Chief Panhellenic Officer for Theta, explained what her favorite part about Greek Week was.

“Greek Week is the chapter’s enthusiasm,” said Hayes. “Everyone was hanging out with each other at the events, cheering on their sisters, and making friends from other pairings. Everyone in Theta was showing a lot of support for our team and I think we all fed off of each other’s energy.”

Since Hayes is our Chief Panhellenic Officer, Greek Week can be a busy week for her.

“I went to all of the events, Greeks Got Talent practices, and Greek Week chair meetings, but I never felt overbooked throughout whole week,” said Hayes. “I genuinely wanted to be participating in everything and I enjoyed the craziness of it all!”

Through the business of it all, Hayes mentioned how excited Team Batman was to raise funds for NTVSS.

“I was thrilled to learn that the proceeds of Greek Week were going to support NTVSS,” said Hayes. “The cause is very relevant for K-State, so it feels amazing to know that Team Batman raised over $600 for those have served our country.”

Greek Week is a great time to bond not only with our sisters and make even stronger friendships, but everyone else in the Greek community.

“I loved being able to get to know so many people during Greek Week,” said Hayes. “I was constantly communicating with our partners, and they were so great and easy to work with. But I also got to know more Thetas. I was constantly laughing at all the crazy selfies sent my way from people attending the events. Everyone did an awesome job this Greek Week, which makes me very proud to represent Kappa Alpha Theta.”