Meet Elizabeth Lutz

Elizabeth Lutz is a sophomore majoring in economics and business. She chose this major because she is an analytical thinker, and economics comes naturally to her.

“My professors were encouraging me to seek it out as a major but I was hesitant,” Lutz said. “I was nominated as an economics star student and that led to a scholarship with the department and a job as a tutor, so everything falling into place pointed me in the direction of becoming an econ major.”

Lutz’s dream job would be to study different economic systems around the globe.

“I would love to travel a lot and study different economic systems of varying countries to see what works and what doesn’t, and maybe try to implement some changes to build a stronger system for us,” Lutz said.

On campus, Lutz is an economics tutor and a proctor. She has also helped with gathering food for the Flint Hills Breadbasket as part of a leadership opportunity. Being a tutor has made her feel more confident in her ability to be successful as an economics major, and the feeling of being able to help struggling students has been very rewarding for her.

“When you see a student finally come to understand something and it clicks, it feels good knowing I was the one who helped them get there,” Lutz said.

Throughout her college years, Lutz has had many professors and advisors who have made a positive impact of her college experience. One professor who has been especially important in paving her way to success is Dr. Amanda Gaulke, Assistant Professor in Economics.

“Dr. Gaulke saw my capability and voiced her recognition of it. I liked economics but did not think anything of it until she stepped in,” Lutz said. “She nominated me as a start student and later picked me to tutor for her class, without that I probably would not be where I am today.”

Lutz chose Theta because the atmosphere was down to Earth and she felt at home at Theta. She knew that she would be around women who accepted her and challenged her.

“It is so easy to get along and strike up a conversation with all the girls and since joining Theta I think I have really come out of my shell,” Lutz said. “When you feel like you have a support system there is a boost in confidence and self-awareness, and that is what Theta has given me.”

Like many other Wildcats, Lutz’s favorite K-State memories come from going to football games.

“There is nothing like perfect fall weather and seeing a sea of purple chanting in unison. The atmosphere of the crowd is incredible, everyone is hyped up and you really do feel like you are all one big family and you cannot help but grin the whole time,” Lutz said.


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