Meet Sadie Polson

Sadie Polson is a freshman majoring in marketing. She chose this major because she is passionate about communicating with others and promoting ideas.

“I also chose this major because I am interested in the design side of advertising and branding,” Polson said. “I would love to explore a variety of jobs across the U.S., from advising at a university to designing brands while owning a small photography business on the side.”

Her on-campus involvement includes being a Fraternity and Sorority Life Ambassador. Through this position she is able to communicate with prospective K-State students who are considering joining a fraternity or sorority about making the transition from high school to college more natural.

“I love advocating for K-State and this position has really given me the opportunity to reach out and share that,” Polson said.

Along with her on-campus involvement, Polson is also very involved in the community. She is active with YouthWorks and Catholic Heart Work Camp mission trips during the summer.

“I recently helped with high school Scholars’ Bowl meets and volunteered at the Baileyville Benefit, an organized weekend of activities to raise money for people in the community who have been faced with health complications and/or outrageous hospital bills,” Polson said.

Before she came to college, Polson did not know her three roommates very well. Since she has come to know them better, she said they have had a large impact on her college experience.

“In a short time, these three women have become essential to every single day of my life, and have given me great joy and support these last seven months,” Polson said. “These three have greatly contributed to an extremely fun and adventurous first year of college!”

She chose Theta because of how comfortable and at home she felt every day of recruitment. She also said her personality and values fit perfectly into Theta, making it an easy decision for her.

“Theta has given me some of the most precious friendships of my life, and it has only been seven months,” Polson said. “Whether I am having a stressful week or celebrating an accomplishment, my Theta sisters have been so supportive and caring towards me, and I am so excited to spend three more years in Manhattan with them!”

Besides recruitment, her favorite K-State memory is the first football game she attended as a student.

“I will never forget Wabashing for the first time and singing the alma mater along with thousands of other Wildcats!” Polson said.


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