Meet JoLynn Hennerberg

JoLynn Hennerberg is a senior majoring in family studies and human services and minoring in anthropology. Her dream job would be working on staff with a college campus ministry or being a life coach.

“I chose my major and minor because I love working with people,” Hennerberg said. “I thought that these would equip me to understand, invest, and care for people while helping them to achieve their goals and aspirations.”

On campus, she is involved in Christian Challenge and the Anthropology Club. She is also a scholars’ tour guide and involved in the New Hope Church. Of these activities, Christian Challenge has had the largest impact on her college experience.

“Through Christian Challenge, I have not only grown in my faith and understanding of the Lord, but have also been pushed to become the best I can be while remaining true to myself,” Hennerberg said.

Someone who has positively impacted her college experience is Sam Laughman.

“She was a Theta my freshman year who invested in me, challenged me to grow, and showed me what it really meant to love someone sacrificially. She taught me about service and chasing after your dreams,” Hennerberg said.

When asked why she chose Theta, Hennerberg said the real question is why she has stayed in Theta.

“As a senior, it has been really awesome to look at the younger members and to see their potential and areas where they are going. So, I have stayed in Theta because I want to invest in the members of Theta and to help them grow and develop.

“One my favorite things to do is to get to know someone—to hear about their deepest hopes, dreams, fears, etc. I so love that we are all so different and are able to learn from one another through those differences,” Hennerberg said.

When asked how Theta has impacted her college experience, she said she has learned many things from all of the members throughout her time in Theta.

“Theta has challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone and has opened my eyes to the uniqueness of every individual,” Hennerberg said. “I truly believe that I can learn something from every person because we all have something unique to offer.”

This summer, Hennerberg will be interning with Christian Challenge. She will be helping to plan and execute Summer Challenge and potentially helping with a discipleship program.


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