Meet Elizabeth Lutz

Elizabeth Lutz is a sophomore majoring in economics and business. She chose this major because she is an analytical thinker, and economics comes naturally to her.

“My professors were encouraging me to seek it out as a major but I was hesitant,” Lutz said. “I was nominated as an economics star student and that led to a scholarship with the department and a job as a tutor, so everything falling into place pointed me in the direction of becoming an econ major.”

Lutz’s dream job would be to study different economic systems around the globe.

“I would love to travel a lot and study different economic systems of varying countries to see what works and what doesn’t, and maybe try to implement some changes to build a stronger system for us,” Lutz said.

On campus, Lutz is an economics tutor and a proctor. She has also helped with gathering food for the Flint Hills Breadbasket as part of a leadership opportunity. Being a tutor has made her feel more confident in her ability to be successful as an economics major, and the feeling of being able to help struggling students has been very rewarding for her.

“When you see a student finally come to understand something and it clicks, it feels good knowing I was the one who helped them get there,” Lutz said.

Throughout her college years, Lutz has had many professors and advisors who have made a positive impact of her college experience. One professor who has been especially important in paving her way to success is Dr. Amanda Gaulke, Assistant Professor in Economics.

“Dr. Gaulke saw my capability and voiced her recognition of it. I liked economics but did not think anything of it until she stepped in,” Lutz said. “She nominated me as a start student and later picked me to tutor for her class, without that I probably would not be where I am today.”

Lutz chose Theta because the atmosphere was down to Earth and she felt at home at Theta. She knew that she would be around women who accepted her and challenged her.

“It is so easy to get along and strike up a conversation with all the girls and since joining Theta I think I have really come out of my shell,” Lutz said. “When you feel like you have a support system there is a boost in confidence and self-awareness, and that is what Theta has given me.”

Like many other Wildcats, Lutz’s favorite K-State memories come from going to football games.

“There is nothing like perfect fall weather and seeing a sea of purple chanting in unison. The atmosphere of the crowd is incredible, everyone is hyped up and you really do feel like you are all one big family and you cannot help but grin the whole time,” Lutz said.


Meet Sadie Polson

Sadie Polson is a freshman majoring in marketing. She chose this major because she is passionate about communicating with others and promoting ideas.

“I also chose this major because I am interested in the design side of advertising and branding,” Polson said. “I would love to explore a variety of jobs across the U.S., from advising at a university to designing brands while owning a small photography business on the side.”

Her on-campus involvement includes being a Fraternity and Sorority Life Ambassador. Through this position she is able to communicate with prospective K-State students who are considering joining a fraternity or sorority about making the transition from high school to college more natural.

“I love advocating for K-State and this position has really given me the opportunity to reach out and share that,” Polson said.

Along with her on-campus involvement, Polson is also very involved in the community. She is active with YouthWorks and Catholic Heart Work Camp mission trips during the summer.

“I recently helped with high school Scholars’ Bowl meets and volunteered at the Baileyville Benefit, an organized weekend of activities to raise money for people in the community who have been faced with health complications and/or outrageous hospital bills,” Polson said.

Before she came to college, Polson did not know her three roommates very well. Since she has come to know them better, she said they have had a large impact on her college experience.

“In a short time, these three women have become essential to every single day of my life, and have given me great joy and support these last seven months,” Polson said. “These three have greatly contributed to an extremely fun and adventurous first year of college!”

She chose Theta because of how comfortable and at home she felt every day of recruitment. She also said her personality and values fit perfectly into Theta, making it an easy decision for her.

“Theta has given me some of the most precious friendships of my life, and it has only been seven months,” Polson said. “Whether I am having a stressful week or celebrating an accomplishment, my Theta sisters have been so supportive and caring towards me, and I am so excited to spend three more years in Manhattan with them!”

Besides recruitment, her favorite K-State memory is the first football game she attended as a student.

“I will never forget Wabashing for the first time and singing the alma mater along with thousands of other Wildcats!” Polson said.

Meet JoLynn Hennerberg

JoLynn Hennerberg is a senior majoring in family studies and human services and minoring in anthropology. Her dream job would be working on staff with a college campus ministry or being a life coach.

“I chose my major and minor because I love working with people,” Hennerberg said. “I thought that these would equip me to understand, invest, and care for people while helping them to achieve their goals and aspirations.”

On campus, she is involved in Christian Challenge and the Anthropology Club. She is also a scholars’ tour guide and involved in the New Hope Church. Of these activities, Christian Challenge has had the largest impact on her college experience.

“Through Christian Challenge, I have not only grown in my faith and understanding of the Lord, but have also been pushed to become the best I can be while remaining true to myself,” Hennerberg said.

Someone who has positively impacted her college experience is Sam Laughman.

“She was a Theta my freshman year who invested in me, challenged me to grow, and showed me what it really meant to love someone sacrificially. She taught me about service and chasing after your dreams,” Hennerberg said.

When asked why she chose Theta, Hennerberg said the real question is why she has stayed in Theta.

“As a senior, it has been really awesome to look at the younger members and to see their potential and areas where they are going. So, I have stayed in Theta because I want to invest in the members of Theta and to help them grow and develop.

“One my favorite things to do is to get to know someone—to hear about their deepest hopes, dreams, fears, etc. I so love that we are all so different and are able to learn from one another through those differences,” Hennerberg said.

When asked how Theta has impacted her college experience, she said she has learned many things from all of the members throughout her time in Theta.

“Theta has challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone and has opened my eyes to the uniqueness of every individual,” Hennerberg said. “I truly believe that I can learn something from every person because we all have something unique to offer.”

This summer, Hennerberg will be interning with Christian Challenge. She will be helping to plan and execute Summer Challenge and potentially helping with a discipleship program.

Meet Tori Fell

Tori Fell is a junior majoring in life sciences and minoring in leadership studies. She chose this major because she wants to be a Physician’s Assistant, while minoring in leadership studies allows her to be more involved and help out the Manhattan community.

“I enjoy helping people and being a PA will allow me to meet new people on an everyday basis,” Fell said. “I picked a major that is not purely science to make sure that I am a more rounded person and I will be able to relate to people on a personal level and not just from a science perspective.”

Fell is an Education and Training Fraternity and Sorority Life Ambassador, as well as involved in Order of Omega, Pre-PA Club, Pre-Med Club, and Cat Crew. She also gives tours to prospective K-State students. Along with her on-campus involvement, she also helps with the KSU Blood Drives, K-State Dance Marathon, and she is a William Newton Hospital Volunteer Coordinator.

“All of my activities have improved my college experience, however I believe that giving tours to prospective K-State students is one that has benefited me the most.  The students are normally excited to be on a tour at K-State and their excitement reinforces my love for K-State even though I have been here for three years,” Fell said. “Telling students and their parents why K-State is a great university is such a great way to give back to K-State.”

Fell picked Theta because everyone was friendly and she could tell that the women were genuine and would care about her.

“I picked Theta because I could tell that I was going to be the best person I could be because of the opportunities that were offered,” Fell said. “Theta allows for women to gain leadership skills and learn how to be better women.”

Through Theta, Fell has been able to build on her leadership experience by holding the positions of Finance Assistant as well as Chief Financial Officer. She has also formed many new friendships that will last beyond her years as K-State.

“Theta has taught me life skills, like how to live with 70 girls who have different personalities,” Fell said. “Theta is a place that I have come to love because it will always be the place that I will consider my home in college. “