Miss Black and Gold Pageant 2016

As we near the end of the semester, most of us Kansas State students are taking full advantage of Hale’s 24/7 hours or trying to raise our grades. Finals week is always a huge stress on us and typically we wouldn’t dare to take on any extra work or responsibilities. This isn’t the case for Jaliyah Brown.

On Saturday, December 3rd, the Kappa Tau chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity hosted their 18th Annual Miss Black and Gold Pageant. The theme for the pageant was “A Night of the S.T.A.R.S (Soul, Talent, Achievement, Respect, and Sisterhood). Registration was open to any K-State student, and the pageant rounds consisted of business introductions, swimwear, talent, and formal wear. The winner of the pageant was crowned Miss Black and Gold and received a $1,000 scholarship, the 1st runner-up was crowned Miss Gold and received a $600 scholarship, and the 2nd runner-up was crowned Miss Black and received a $500 scholarship. Contestants were judged based on their confidence on stage and their academic success.

Jaliyah Brown, a senior studying apparel and textiles marketing, competed in the Miss Black and Gold Pageant on Saturday. “I was interested in participating because it’s my last year here at K-State as an undergrad,” Brown said. “My two best friends, Alex and Geneva, really inspired me to do the pageant. They’ve known me since high school and know how shy and reserved I am. They really encouraged me to come out of my comfort zone and go for this. I can’t thank them enough for being there for me.”

Jaliyah finished the pageant as the 1st runner up and was crowned Miss Gold. “It was overall a great experience!” Brown said. “It definitely did get overwhelming at points and there were some challenging moments, but in the end it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle and I’m glad I went through with it!” Brown is planning on using the $600 scholarship she won to pay for textbooks.

Brown had friends and family there to support her, including some of her Theta sisters. “Jaliyah kept a very positive attitude throughout the performances in the pageant, and I was proud to see her true worth shine through as she won Miss Gold!” said Grace Luebcke, a freshman studying animal science.

Jaliyah Brown will be graduating in May of 2017. She is planning on getting an internship this summer and then continuing on to grad school next year.

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