Meet Taylor Cowell

Taylor Cowell is a sophomore majoring in psychology. She chose this major because she finds the human mind and the meaning behind human behavior interesting.

“Psychology kind of provides the answers to things and gives you a better understanding of yourself and others,” Cowell said. “That is something that I love about it.”

On campus, Cowell is involved in the CATS Crew and is currently in the process of becoming a Group Fitness Instructor at the Recreational Center.

“These activities have allowed for me to really get out of my comfort zone,” Cowell said. “By trying new things and interacting with new people, I have gained confidence in myself. In both the activities I am involved in, I work on my communication skills and ability to talk in front of groups of people I am not familiar with.”

Cowell said these activities will help her later in life in a work environment and she encourages other students to get involved as much as they can.

“Kansas State has so much to offer and college is really a prime time to step out of what your comfortable with and just go for it,” Cowell said.

Someone who has positively impacted Cowell’s college experience is sophomore Abigail Dressler because she pushes Cowell to be the best version of herself.

“She is pretty much my go to person for everything,” Cowell said. “Whenever I have a problem or am super stressed I know I can always rant to her and she will try to help me the best she can.”

Cowell chose Theta because it is not a house that makes you act or behave a certain way.

“Theta accepts and encourages uniqueness,” Cowell said. “We are diverse and it is because of the values we have put into place. Theta gave me this feeling of acceptance that I was looking for and as I looked around during recruitment I knew I was going to fit in.”

Cowell said Theta has given her friends that motivate her to be super involved and take schoolwork seriously.

“Coming into Theta I kept hearing about this thing called sisterhood and I really didn’t believe any of it until later on,” Cowell said. “It is true there is something special about sisterhood and as cliché as it sounds, Theta really has allowed for me to find some of my best friends.”



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