Meet Kailee Carter

Kailee Carter is a freshman majoring in family studies and human services, and minoring in leadership studies. She chose this major because she loves the family dynamic and helping people of all ages.

On campus, Carter is the Vice President of her dorm floor, and attends Student Mobilization.

“This has allowed me to meet a variety of people,” Carter said. “I feel more at home at college because of it.”

Outside of school, Carter has also dedicated time to volunteering.

“I was very involved in high school with a major fundraising project that raised $9,000 and sent 31,000 meals to Haiti,” Carter said. “I am still trying to learn some of the ropes of college, so I have not done much volunteer work at college yet. I am looking into joining Big Brothers Big Sisters again.”

Someone who has positively impacted Carter’s college experience so far is sophomore Taylor Cowell.

“She has positively influenced my college experience by making me feel at home at Theta and ensuring I always have someone to talk to,” Carter said.

Carter said she chose Theta because of the high standards the members hold themselves to.

“I wanted to be a part of something that would allow me to make close friends, but also encourage me to be the best version of myself,” Carter said. “I found that in Theta.”

Carter’s favorite K-State memory is getting drenched with her family on Family Day and trying to avoid the flooded streets.

“I will never forget sitting through that freezing rain in the very top row of the football stadium and having to take immediate shelter in the library because it started pouring,” Carter said.


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