Meet Aubrey Berning

Aubrey Berning is a junior double majoring in accounting and finance. She chose these majors because she likes the real life application of them. Berning also likes the straightforwardness and organization of accounting.

On campus, Berning is involved in Beta Alpha Psi, the Student Finance Association, and the Student Accounting Society.

“I’ve learned a lot about networking and what it’s like to work in the professional world,” Berning said. “It’s really fun to interact with other students in my major and to get to know them better outside of class. Of course the free food is always a huge plus too!”

Burning has been involved in the Manhattan community through her volunteer work with Schools of Hope.

“Basically I spent an hour a week helping an elementary school student improve her reading, writing, and math skills,” Berning said. “It was so much fun and I really encourage anyone who has time in their schedules to think about helping with the program.”

Someone that has positively impacted Berning’s college experience is her mom. She said her mom has been her rock and her sounding board throughout college.

“I know I can call her to talk about anything,” Berning said. “She will always listen and give great advice.”

Berning said she picked Theta because it seemed like a group of really genuine girls who cared about each other and had the same overarching values as her.

“I absolutely love CASA and the emphasis on being leading women,” Berning said. “I’m extremely proud of every Theta’s ability to have a conversation with anyone. We all genuinely care for other people.”

Through Theta, Berning said she has met so many amazing women with different strengths and personalities.

“Simply being around so many leading women brings out the best in me and helps me to develop parts of myself where I’m not as strong,” Berning said. “It also has helped me become better at interacting with people who have very different personalities and interests than myself.”

Berning said she has always loved learning about other people and what makes them who they are.

“Some of my best friends are my polar opposite,” Berning said. “We really have an environment in Theta where we can truly appreciate and better understand what makes every member themselves.”


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