Meet Ashely Strasser

Ashley Strasser is a senior majoring in secondary mathematics education. She chose this major because she had a math teacher in high school who encouraged her to pursue education.

“I followed her advice and here I am,” Strasser said. “She saw something in me that I didn’t, and I am glad she did.”

Her freshman year, Strasser played in the K-State Orchestra. She now helps out in the College of Education. Strasser is also starting to volunteer at Project EXCELL, a college experience program for adults with disabilities.

“Working with the College of Education has helped me to invest more of myself into my future profession and help me get even more excited to be an educator,” Strasser said.

Someone who has positively impacted Strasser’s college experience is Laura Tietjen in the College of Education.

“She was one of my first professors after I had been accepted into the College of Education and helped light a fire that got me where I am today.”

Strasser said she picked Theta because she felt comfortable at the house during recruitment and the girls had big personalities.

“Theta has shown me what it means to work hard not just for myself, but for others,” Strasser said. “I am not alone when I don’t know what to do or how to do something. I always have a home filled with sisters, love, support, and laughter.”



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