Meet Elizabeth Birkenmeier

Elizabeth Birkenmeier is a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering. She chose this major because she enjoys math. Her dream job is to work at Honeywell alongside her dad.

“My dad is an engineer so I thought it would be cool to follow in his footsteps,” Birkenmeier said. “Seeing him be an engineer drew me to the major because he is hardworking and pushes through stressful situations. I aspire to be that way too.”

Birkenmeier said the older Thetas have had a positive impact on her college experience because they have shown her how to balance working hard in school and being able to make memories outside of school.

“The older pledge classes show you a little bit of everything that you want yourself to be like,” Birkenmeier said.

Birkenmeier said she chose Theta because while going through recruitment it felt like home.

“I knew I could meet women who would be my best friends and be there for me through it all,” Birkenmeier said. “Theta has given me people who can help me with homework, and also people who I can vent to.”

Birkenmeier’s favorite part about Theta is knowing she has a whole house of girls who have her back.

“I went through a tough time while recruitment was going on and girls had my back,” Birkenmeier said. “They helped me collect myself and showed me what a true friend really is.”



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