Meet Melissa Hollar

Melissa Hollar is a junior majoring in marketing and minoring in leadership studies. She chose marketing because it is so versatile.

“I can do a lot with a marketing degree, which allows me more freedom to find something I love,” Hollar said. “I would love to work for ESPN or The Walt Disney Company.”

One way Hollar is involved on campus is through her job at Call Hall Dairy Bar.

“Working at Call Hall has given me the chance to interact with the College of Agriculture and its faculty, K-State alumni, foreign exchange students, and prospective K-State students,” Hollar said. “I used to be in the College of Agriculture and I really miss the people, so having the chance to continue to interact with the college is great.”

Hollar is also a Victoria’s Secret Pink Campus Representative, and had the opportunity to go to headquarters and learn more about the marketing aspect of the brand.

“It really solidifies my excitement for marketing and gives me a great opportunity to network with possible employers,” Hollar said. “It is great being able to promote a brand that I love on campus.”

Additionally, Hollar is a class leader for LEAD 212 where she facilitates learning amongst  freshman students.

“I have just started this awesome position, but I can tell it is going to be a great semester,” Hollar said. “My students are incredibly eager to learn about leadership and I am so excited to share my passion of leadership. I can tell I am going to learn just as much from them as I hope they learn from me.”

Hollar said one person who has positively impacted her college experience is her Big in the house, Sarah Wood, because she was the reason Hollar stayed in Theta.

“I was so overwhelmed after recruitment week,” Hollar said. “She was my rock to go to and she has been my person to go to since. When I got to live in Theta my freshman year, I was so happy I got to live with Sarah! She always knew how to brighten my day!”

Another person who has positively impacted Hollar’s college experience is her Little in the house, Mayah Cohen, because of her spunky, goofy, and outgoing personality.

“She makes me remember to have fun and to live life to the fullest,” Hollar said. “We have gone through a lot together which has given us a really special bond. I love her to death.”

Hollar said Theta has given her the chance to meet many different women whom she never would have talked to otherwise.

“Theta is so diverse that you are always going to find someone that you can learn something from,” Hollar said.


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