Meet Maggie Salisbury

Maggie Salisbury is a senior majoring in elementary education and minoring in leadership studies. She chose this major because she enjoys helping others.

“The deciding factor of making this decision was my freshman year Leadership Studies teacher,” Salisbury said. “He told us, “Figure out what makes your heart beat.” For me, working with kids, helping them grow, and providing them with a safe place is what makes my heart beat.”

Salisbury is involved with the Staley School of Leadership Studies, the College of Education, and the Boys and Girls Club in Manhattan.

“All of the activities I have been involved in here at K-State have helped shape me into the person I am today,” Salisbury said. “These programs have allowed me to catch a glimpse of what I will be doing after I graduate and I am so thankful.”

Salisbury works the after school programs for the Boys and Girls Club.

“I love my job because I get to work with a variety of students and parents in the Manhattan community,” Salisbury said. “It is awesome!”

Salisbury said the people who have had the largest impact on her life while at K-State have been the older members of Theta.

“When I was a freshman and a sophomore, I was unsure of what major and clubs I wanted to get involved in, Salisbury said. “They really opened my eyes and encouraged me to never give up or settle for anything that does not make me happy.”

Salisbury said she chose Theta because of its diversity and the genuine love that everyone has for each other.

“Without Theta, I would not have met my lifelong friends or branched out,” Salisbury said. “These girls push me to be the best version of myself and I only hope that it continues.”




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