Meet Jessica Riley

Jessica Riley is a senior majoring in hospitality management and minoring in business. This summer Jessica is interning with the CVC in Kansas City, helping to plan a conference for continuing education in veterinary medicine.

“I am learning the ins and outs of planning a large scale convention,” Riley said. “It is completely different than my usual wedding planning jobs.”

The convention will take place for a week at the end of August, and there will be roughly five to six thousand attendees.

“After work, you can probably find me at my new favorite Thai noodle place or watching the Bachelorette,” Riley said. “Planning my wedding has kept me busy and I am making multiple trips to see my fiancé in San Antonio.”

Riley said her favorite part of summer so far has been visiting San Antonio.

“The river walk is beautiful and I love being able to visit Zach there,” Riley said. “There is so much history with my family surrounding Texas and the Alamo. I always love going back and visiting.”

This summer, Riley said she has learned trying an internship outside of your comfort zone before graduating can be beneficial.

“It could either confirm what you want to do after K-State, or show you an entirely new area of your major to pursue,” Riley said. “I am really glad I listened to the professors who encouraged me to do something new. I have learned a lot about the industry and what I am looking for in a job.”

Riley said the hardest part of summer has been preparing to become a Theta alumni.

“Because I graduate at semester, I am in my last few months of being active in a collegiate chapter,” Riley said. “I do not accept this.”

This internship has prepared Riley to go into the fall semester, wanting to take advantage of every opportunity and embrace all of the traditions of Theta and K-State.

“I want to attend as many events as possible and make great memories with the rest of my time there,” Riley said.

Riley said she has missed being around a diverse group of women this summer, and she is excited to get back to school and see everyone.

“Continuing our winning streak would be nice,” Riley said. “I always love the fall because of the new members, K-State football, and homecoming.”