Meet Kristen Graves

Kristen Graves is a sophomore majoring in architectural engineering. This summer, she is interning at Professional Engineering Consultants in downtown Wichita.

“There are nine engineering interns in the office, and of course I am the only female,” Graves said. “It has been a great opportunity so far. I have learned a lot about engineering design for buildings because I have not learned a lot of it in class yet.”

Graves works in the electrical division where she assists with the design of lighting and power in their building projects.

“I have learned what it means to be a problem solver and a critical thinker as an engineer,” Graves said. “I have also learned what it means to be an engineer designing systems within buildings.”

Graves said this summer has taught her to problem solve and allow her to trust her abilities.

“I still have a lot to learn before I graduate,” Graves said. “I am very glad that I have had the opportunity to go out into the real world and confirm that I will enjoy the career I am pursuing.”

Graves said her favorite part of the summer so far has been Wichita’s Riverfest.

“It has been nice to be able to relax in the evenings and go to one of the concerts or nights of fireworks,” Graves said. “They even hired out Elle King for one of the concerts.”

Graves said what she misses most about Theta over the summer is going to chapter and being able to see everyone.

“Throughout freshman year I really enjoyed sitting with lots of different Thetas during chapter dinners and having the opportunity to get to know someone I had not talked to much before,” Graves said.

Graves is looking forward to living in the house in the upcoming fall semester.

“Even within my member class there are people I do not know super well, so I think it will be really cool to get to live with and get to know so many awesome women,” Graves said.


Meet Molly Ward

Molly Ward is a junior majoring in accounting and minoring in economics and Spanish. Molly is studying abroad in Spain for eight weeks with Truman State University.

Ward will be studying at Escuela Mester, where she will take grammar, conversation and culture classes.

“I will earn 12 credit hours of Spanish to go towards my minor,” Ward said. “The last week my group will travel to the northern part of Spain and visit the Cuevas de Altamira and the Cantabrian Coast.”

Ward traveled to Spain her sophomore year of high school and has already been to many of the sites on their itinerary.

“While I have enjoyed refreshing my memory of the places I have already seen, the highlights for me so far have been the Roman Ruins in Merida and meeting the three little girls in my host family,” Ward said. “I have enjoyed trying different foods and learning more about the culture.”

Ward said this summer she has learned she can do anything she sets her mind to no matter how hard it is.

“Spain has taught me the world is a beautiful place and it is important to go out of your comfort zone and take advantage of the opportunities offered to you,” Ward said.

Ward said the hardest part of her summer has been missing home.

“I miss my family, boyfriend, American food and of course all of my Thetas,” Ward said. “I am looking forward to welcoming more leading women into our amazing sisterhood.”

Meet Kelsey Harlow

Kelsey Harlow is a senior majoring in mechanical engineering. This summer Kelsey is an intern for Acertus Consulting Group in Lenexa as a mechanical designer.

Harlow said that she does the calculations to determine how many and what size of air conditioning units go on top of buildings to keep everyone inside cool in the summer.

“Internships are great because you actually get to do the tasks that help the company complete projects,” Harlow said. “I have really enjoyed getting to meet my co-workers and work with them.”

Harlow said that something that she has learned this summer is that she has a good sense of direction.

“I have learned a lot of things that are way too nerdy for this article in respect to HVAC in buildings,” Harlow said. “I have also learned that I have a pretty good sense of direction that helps me get back to where I should be. I get lost a lot in Kansas City.”

The hardest part of the summer for Harlow has been seeing everyone with their dog and telling herself that she can not adopt one because she is still in school.

“Being an adult is pretty difficult,” Harlow said. “I have to look presentable every day, which is tiring. I also run errands on my lunch break like every other contributing member of society.”

Harlow said that what she misses most about Theta over the summer is having everyone around and always having someone to do something with.

“I am hands down going to be the oldest active Delta Eta, so I guess that is kind of cool,” Harlow said. “I am really excited to come back and make my last semester great.”