Meet Saren Hobelmann

Saren Hobelmann is a senior majoring in nutrition and kinesiology. She chose these majors because she said the human body has always interested her and she has a passion for helping others. After graduation, Hobelmann will move to Omaha, Nebraska for massage therapy school.

“Nutrition fits perfectly with kinesiology,” Hobelmann said. “Having these two majors gave me a great advantage in the classroom and will hopefully be even more useful after graduation.”

Hobelmann is an union ambassador, a member of the Health and Nutrition Society, and a student tutor.

“My involvement on campus is not necessarily concentrated all on my major and I think that has given me a really unique experience at K-State,” Hobelmann said. “Working with completely different people has strengthened me in areas such as communication, negotiating, creativity, and organization.”

Hobelmann said someone who has positively impacted her college experience at K-State is Audrey Taggart-Kagdis, the union ambassadors advisor and the union’s assistant director of marking.

“To me, she is the true definition of leadership,” Hobelmann said. “She works hard with a smile on her face and she genuinely cares about all of her students. Audrey taught me balance and the importance of being content with your life. I am very fortunate to have worked with her during my time at K-State.”

Hobelmann said she chose Theta because of the house, the women, and even the name.

“It was truly a gut feeling,” Hobelmann said. “Recruitment was a crazy time but it was so worth it when I knew that I belonged in Theta.”

She said Theta has benefited her college experience because it has enhanced everything.

“It became easy to become involved, find friends, and it made me feel like I had a home right here in Manhattan, Kansas,” Hobelmann said. “I will always remember all the times that my Theta sisters and I played the name game after class, when we were bored, and after Theta events.”





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