Meet Gaby Armendariz

Gaby Armendariz is a senior majoring in industrial engineering and minoring in business administration. She said she chose this major because of the critical thinking aspect of engineering.

“I was originally majoring in business but I liked the technical and critical thinking aspect of engineering, so I changed my major,” Armendariz said. “I figured I could still get a minor in business since I would not be majoring in it anymore.”

Armendariz is a paraprofessional student worker for the Career and Employment Services Multicultural Engineering Program, on the Baja SAE Design team, and after graduation will be starting a full time job at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City.

“Being involved in these organizations has given me a group of people to encourage me and keep me accountable,” Armendariz said. “They have also exposed me to adventures I would not have experienced otherwise, such as learning what it takes to build an off-road vehicle.”

Armendariz said someone who has positively impacted her college experience is LaVerne Bitsie-Baldwin, who accepted her into the MAPS program.

“I had the opportunity to take a class at K-State, live in the dorms, and complete a research project for six weeks during the summer before I started at K-State,” Armendariz said. “MAPS gave me a support system from the beginning of my college career and gave me a head start on acclimating to being on campus.”

Armendariz said she picked Theta because she felt comfortable talking with the women in the house during recruitment, and because of the meaningful conversations she had with the women about being involved and striving to succeed academically.

“Theta has helped me develop my leadership skills, patience, and interpersonal skills,” Armendariz said. “Living with and working with so many women at once has been challenging, but it has definitely helped me grow into a better person emotionally and professionally.”

Armendariz’s favorite K-State memory is attending the home football games.

“The days started with Rose Dollarhide jumping on our beds yelling,” Armendariz said. “Then we would all get ready, walk over to the stadium, find a tailgate, and cheer on the Cats. There is not a game day I did not enjoy, even when it was 30 degrees outside.”

Meet Saren Hobelmann

Saren Hobelmann is a senior majoring in nutrition and kinesiology. She chose these majors because she said the human body has always interested her and she has a passion for helping others. After graduation, Hobelmann will move to Omaha, Nebraska for massage therapy school.

“Nutrition fits perfectly with kinesiology,” Hobelmann said. “Having these two majors gave me a great advantage in the classroom and will hopefully be even more useful after graduation.”

Hobelmann is an union ambassador, a member of the Health and Nutrition Society, and a student tutor.

“My involvement on campus is not necessarily concentrated all on my major and I think that has given me a really unique experience at K-State,” Hobelmann said. “Working with completely different people has strengthened me in areas such as communication, negotiating, creativity, and organization.”

Hobelmann said someone who has positively impacted her college experience at K-State is Audrey Taggart-Kagdis, the union ambassadors advisor and the union’s assistant director of marking.

“To me, she is the true definition of leadership,” Hobelmann said. “She works hard with a smile on her face and she genuinely cares about all of her students. Audrey taught me balance and the importance of being content with your life. I am very fortunate to have worked with her during my time at K-State.”

Hobelmann said she chose Theta because of the house, the women, and even the name.

“It was truly a gut feeling,” Hobelmann said. “Recruitment was a crazy time but it was so worth it when I knew that I belonged in Theta.”

She said Theta has benefited her college experience because it has enhanced everything.

“It became easy to become involved, find friends, and it made me feel like I had a home right here in Manhattan, Kansas,” Hobelmann said. “I will always remember all the times that my Theta sisters and I played the name game after class, when we were bored, and after Theta events.”