April Big/Little of the Month

This month’s big/little pair of the month is Megan Kocer and Rachael Jongsma. Megan is a sophomore majoring in pre-journalism and mass communications, and Rachel is a sophomore majoring in family studies and human services.

Megan said her favorite memory with Rachael is when Rachael rolled her out of bed at 6 a.m. one morning to watch the sunrise at the Konza.

“There is absolutely no greater joy than starting my morning by talking about life with my best friend,” Megan said. “It was a very stressful week, and Rachael was well aware of that, but her words of wisdom have kept me going through even the toughest of days. I am forever grateful and blessed to have such a wonderful influence in my life.”

Rachael said her favorite memory with Megan is also the morning they got up to hike the Konza and watch the sunrise.

“Blankets wrapped around us and coffee in hand, that morning was easily my favorite morning of this entire year,” Rachael said.

Megan said what she admires most about Rachael is her big heart and how she radiates pure joy.

“She is definitely who I aspire to be more like, and her continuous love helps me to become a better person and friend every single day,” Megan said.

Rachael said what she admires most about Megan is her ability to love.

“She has such a big heart and always chooses to see the best in people,” Rachael said. “She has an ability to make anyone laugh. No matter the time of day, I know she is there for me if I need her. Her heart is filled with joy and love.”

Megan said she knew immediately during big/little reveal that her and Rachael were meant to be big/little.

“Rachael’s hiding place was in a bathroom stall with her puzzle piece was hanging over the side,” Megan said. “After finding her, she then proceeded to get her cardigan stuck on the door handle and fell right on her face. That is the moment I realized we were meant for each other.”

Rachael said she was not expecting Megan to be her little, but she is so thankful she is.

“She truly is a ray of sunshine in my life,” Rachael said. “I remember on big/little reveal day I did not have her puzzle piece finished so I wrote jokes on it 2 minutes before reveal started. From the first day, our friendship has been exactly what I dreamed it would be, real.”

Megan said what makes Rachael a good big is how similar Rachael is to her.

“Not only do we absolutely love food and John Mayer, but we also both have the worst hygiene,” Megan said. “On a more serious note, we both find the beauty in the little things, and share a love for anything and everything outdoors.”

Rachael said what makes Megan a good little is they both love the same things.

“We have a mutual love for John Mayer and chicken nuggets,” Rachael said. “What more do you need?”


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