Meet Rose Dollarhide

Rose Dollarhide is a junior majoring in marketing and minoring in leadership studies. She said that she chose this major because she knew that the College of Business was where she fit.

“Marketing stood out to me the most because it is so broad and versatile,” Dollarhide said.

Dollarhide was selected to be a Combat Systems Operator after she graduates.

“I am super excited for it,” Dollarhide said. “I do not really know what I will be doing because it depends on what plane I am in. I will be serving my country which is the most exciting part.”

Dollarhide is involved in the community through Sunflower CASA, as well as through the Arnold Air Society.

“Learning about CASA through Theta I was able to find something that combined my drive to help people with my interest in the legal system,” Dollarhide said. “The Arnold Air Society is focused on community service and professional development as an Air Force officer.”

Dollarhide said that the most difficult part of CASA training was learning that the best place for the child is at home.

“Even if you think that the situation is absolutely awful and horrible, a child still wants to go back to their home,” Dollarhide said. “It seems like something that is very intuitive and simple, but when analyzing cases, I struggled with it.”

Dollarhide said that it is important for people to become CASA volunteers because of the impact that it makes on a child’s life.

“These children just need a voice and to become not just a name on paper or a case number,” Dollarhide said. “You give the child that voice and help the judge make the best possible decision for the person that really matters, which is the child.”




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