April Big/Little of the Month

This month’s big/little pair of the month is Megan Kocer and Rachael Jongsma. Megan is a sophomore majoring in pre-journalism and mass communications, and Rachel is a sophomore majoring in family studies and human services.

Megan said her favorite memory with Rachael is when Rachael rolled her out of bed at 6 a.m. one morning to watch the sunrise at the Konza.

“There is absolutely no greater joy than starting my morning by talking about life with my best friend,” Megan said. “It was a very stressful week, and Rachael was well aware of that, but her words of wisdom have kept me going through even the toughest of days. I am forever grateful and blessed to have such a wonderful influence in my life.”

Rachael said her favorite memory with Megan is also the morning they got up to hike the Konza and watch the sunrise.

“Blankets wrapped around us and coffee in hand, that morning was easily my favorite morning of this entire year,” Rachael said.

Megan said what she admires most about Rachael is her big heart and how she radiates pure joy.

“She is definitely who I aspire to be more like, and her continuous love helps me to become a better person and friend every single day,” Megan said.

Rachael said what she admires most about Megan is her ability to love.

“She has such a big heart and always chooses to see the best in people,” Rachael said. “She has an ability to make anyone laugh. No matter the time of day, I know she is there for me if I need her. Her heart is filled with joy and love.”

Megan said she knew immediately during big/little reveal that her and Rachael were meant to be big/little.

“Rachael’s hiding place was in a bathroom stall with her puzzle piece was hanging over the side,” Megan said. “After finding her, she then proceeded to get her cardigan stuck on the door handle and fell right on her face. That is the moment I realized we were meant for each other.”

Rachael said she was not expecting Megan to be her little, but she is so thankful she is.

“She truly is a ray of sunshine in my life,” Rachael said. “I remember on big/little reveal day I did not have her puzzle piece finished so I wrote jokes on it 2 minutes before reveal started. From the first day, our friendship has been exactly what I dreamed it would be, real.”

Megan said what makes Rachael a good big is how similar Rachael is to her.

“Not only do we absolutely love food and John Mayer, but we also both have the worst hygiene,” Megan said. “On a more serious note, we both find the beauty in the little things, and share a love for anything and everything outdoors.”

Rachael said what makes Megan a good little is they both love the same things.

“We have a mutual love for John Mayer and chicken nuggets,” Rachael said. “What more do you need?”


Meet Maddy Randall

Maddy Randall is a senior majoring in hospitality management with an emphasis in convention, meeting and event management. She said that she chose this major because of her passion for people and serving others.

“The best part about my future career is the one-on-one relationships I will get to build with a variety of clients,” Randall said. “I know my job is the perfect fit for me because of the fast-paced event days. No two days will be exactly the same.”

Randall is involved with the Professional Event Management Society (PEMS) on campus.

“Through PEMS I have been able to meet professionals in this industry and network at local events that I have had the opportunity to volunteer at,” Randall said. “Our club advisor has been able to open up venues for tours to help me visualize future events.”

Randall said that her involvement through PEMS has benefited her by allowing her to attend the American Israel Public Affairs Committee this past spring break.

“I got to help work an event for 20,000 attendees with four presidential candidate speakers,” Randall said. “Although the trip was only four days, my time in Washington, DC was unforgettable.”

Randall said that her parents have had the largest impact on her college experience.

“My parents have been such a strong support system for me while in college and I will never take that for granted,” Randall said. “I know I can always pick up the phone and call either of my parents if I need a quick pep talk, a long vent session or a lengthy laugh. They are the most caring individuals and I am so lucky to call them mine.”

Randall chose Theta because of the love she saw and felt between the members.

“For me, Theta always felt comfortable during recruitment,” Randall said. “After serving four years as a member, I have found all of my initial thoughts about Theta have been surpassed. I cannot thank these women enough for the best four years of my life.”

Randall said that Theta has benefitted her college experience by giving her endless leadership opportunities.

“I will forever be grateful for all of the memories I have made,” Randall said. “This is only the beginning, and I plan to stay involved with all of my Theta sisters for as long as they allow me.”

Meet Makaila Gay

Makaila Gay is a freshman majoring in social work with a minor in Spanish. Gay said that she chose this major because she wants to work with children in the foster care system.

“I desire to make a positive, lasting impression and social work made the most sense,” Gay said. “I minored in Spanish to couple it with my major, but I also really enjoy learning the language. I find it to be very beautiful.”

Gay said that Theta’s philanthropy, Sunflower CASA, is important to her because she used to have an advocate.

“They make a positive difference in the lives of children,” Gay said. “Kids need someone who can stand up for them when they cannot themselves. “

She said that her favorite memory with her CASA volunteer was when they met for dinner to catch up after she had been adopted.

“At this point in time she was no longer my volunteer, but I am honored I have the opportunity to call her my best friend,” Gay said. “A week ago we were eating lunch on the plaza and we were chatting like old friends. She had just made a surprise visit to Manhattan to see me give my speech at Light of Hope, but it was like we had not seen each other in ages.”

Gay said that her CASA volunteer taught her that life could become so much better if you just gave it a chance.

“I think I learned my listening skills from her and how to not dominate a conversation when someone needs to speak their thoughts,” Gay said. “This skill has helped immensely when helping others and allows me to connect with people. She built up a confidence in me that has lasted, helping me to obtain leadership roles and to just simply be confident in myself.”

She said that her CASA volunteer also taught her how to be a self-advocate.

“CASA volunteers are advocates for children and that is their most powerful tool,” Gay said. “Advocacy makes for strong individuals who will be successful because they are not afraid to share their opinion.”



Meet Kenzie Hemmert

Kenzie Hemmert is a sophomore majoring in elementary education with an emphasis in special education. She said that she chose this major because of the opportunity to make a positive impact on children’s lives.

“I am very passionate about serving others and I love building relationships with people,” Hemmert said. “Teaching gives me the chance to do something meaningful with my life by helping to shape and inspire the future of our world.”

Hemmert is the service and philanthropy director of Theta. She said that she wanted to take on this position because she is passionate about helping others, and doing things to make the world a better place.

“Our philanthropy really stood out to me during recruitment week because I have a big heart for kids, especially those who have dealt with tough situations,” Hemmert said. “I am so glad that I had the chance to run for this position and to be even more involved with CASA.”

Hemmert said that she is looking forward to Theta’s upcoming philanthropy event, CASApalooza.

“My main goal is to create a really fun, family-friendly event that will help raise awareness and money for Sunflower CASA,” Hemmert said. “This philanthropy event is very important for CASA because all of the money raised at the event will be going straight to CASA.”

Hemmert said that her favorite part of serving as philanthropy director is interacting with Sunflower CASA and having the chance to better understand what CASA really is.

“Serving as philanthropy director has given me the opportunity to make a lot of connections with CASAs all over which has been awesome,” Hemmert said. “It has been a lot of work, but it is all worth it for CASA.”

Miss K-State 2016

April 12, 2016, Manhattan, Kansas- Delta Upsilon Fraternity and the Union Program Council hosted Kansas State University’s fourth annual “ THE MISS K-STATE COMPETITION” on Tuesday, April 12. This event features various organizations on campus through the submission of one woman who exemplifies the values and traditions of their organization.

Kappa Alpha Theta was represented in the competition by sophomore Christine Rock. Rock is duel majoring in food science and political science and minoring in non-profit leadership studies.

“I really liked being able to express my passions, and the importance I feel for hunger,” Rock said. “The fact that I got to advocate for those things is why I ultimately decided to participate in the competition.”

Proceeds from this event go to Delta Upsilon’s International Philanthropy, the Global Service Initiative.

Junior Samantha Thomas said that she loved watching the live stream of the event because of the central focus on the Global Service Initiative.

“Christine was true to herself from beginning to end,” Thomas said. “I believe her passion and drive are what won her the title of Miss K-State 2016.”

Contestants compete in four different rounds. These rounds include the Wildcat Round, the Talent Round, the Career Round and the Question Round.

“I think it was really cool getting to rap, but my favorite part was the career round because I got to talk about what I am passionate about,” Rock said. “Even though I was not the one speaking, it was awesome having the opportunity to share my passion for hunger.”

The overall award for “MISS K-STATE 2016” includes a tiara, a sash, a bouquet of flowers, and a trophy. Rock will hold her title for a year, participating in events both on and off campus.

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“I am excited to be able to represent K-state,” Rock said. “I am also so happy to have the opportunity to talk to so many people about the issue of hunger and be able to spread awareness.”

Meet Rose Dollarhide

Rose Dollarhide is a junior majoring in marketing and minoring in leadership studies. She said that she chose this major because she knew that the College of Business was where she fit.

“Marketing stood out to me the most because it is so broad and versatile,” Dollarhide said.

Dollarhide was selected to be a Combat Systems Operator after she graduates.

“I am super excited for it,” Dollarhide said. “I do not really know what I will be doing because it depends on what plane I am in. I will be serving my country which is the most exciting part.”

Dollarhide is involved in the community through Sunflower CASA, as well as through the Arnold Air Society.

“Learning about CASA through Theta I was able to find something that combined my drive to help people with my interest in the legal system,” Dollarhide said. “The Arnold Air Society is focused on community service and professional development as an Air Force officer.”

Dollarhide said that the most difficult part of CASA training was learning that the best place for the child is at home.

“Even if you think that the situation is absolutely awful and horrible, a child still wants to go back to their home,” Dollarhide said. “It seems like something that is very intuitive and simple, but when analyzing cases, I struggled with it.”

Dollarhide said that it is important for people to become CASA volunteers because of the impact that it makes on a child’s life.

“These children just need a voice and to become not just a name on paper or a case number,” Dollarhide said. “You give the child that voice and help the judge make the best possible decision for the person that really matters, which is the child.”



Meet Rachel Anstaett

Rachel Anstaett is a sophomore majoring in chemical engineering and minoring in leadership studies. Anstaett said that she chose this major because she wanted to work to make pets healthier, but knew being a vet was not for her.

“Growing up I wanted to be a vet, but after shadowing a vet for a summer, I knew it was not for me,” Anstaett said. “My friend’s mom worked with process engineers at Hill’s Petfood, and after my high school physics teacher encouraged me to look into engineering, I went into chemical engineering.”

Anstaett said that after graduating, she would like to do process engineering anywhere that will hire her, but would prefer to work for a pet food company.

Outside of being a member of Theta, Anstaett gives tours to prospective students and parents, helps with other events around campus like blood drives, and is an engineering ambassador.

“Being an ambassador for the college of engineering has helped me with so much,” Anstaett said. “I get to meet a lot of other students who are as nerdy as I am and they gave me a gift card for having the best Halloween costume out of all of the ambassadors.”

Anstaett said that being an ambassador has also helped her with her public speaking skills that set her apart when she is interviewing for internships and jobs.

“I also love being able to recruit new students to K-State because this is the best college in America,” Anstaett said.

Anstaett said that someone who has positively impacted her college experience is Katie Nelson.

“She rocks and has helped me pass ChemE classes,” Anstaett said. “Also, I made her take every class with me this semester.”

Anstaett said that she chose Theta because she felt like she had an instant connection with the girls she talked to.

“The biggest thing for me going through recruitment was to find a house that I thought would push me to be my best self, and after my first coffee date with some of the girls, I knew that this was the house for me,” Anstaett said. “Theta has given me such a great support system. I know I have avoided a lot of mental breakdowns and stress just because I always have someone to talk to.”