Meet Gabrielle Ciccarelli

Gabrielle Ciccarelli is a freshman majoring in nutritional sciences, pre-dental. She said that she chose this major because she has always wanted to go into the health field.

“I think it is just so rewarding to help bring others to a healthier, happier version of themselves,” Ciccarelli said. “So when I heard about nutritional sciences, I just knew it was the major for me. It combines my love of science with my passion of improving the health of others.”

Ciccarelli is involved with St. Isadore’s church, is a member of the pre-dental club and a member of the chemistry fraternity Alpha Chi Sigma.

“The pre-dental club reaffirmed my decision to go into dentistry,” Ciccarelli said. “The topics and presentations are all so interesting and the people involved are amazing. Alpha Chi Sigma has helped me see another side to Chemistry, which is not always my favorite class, and given me a new appreciation for it.”

Ciccarelli said that her Theta sisters have had a positive impact on her college experience by pushing her to strive for personal excellence.

“The second I walked into Theta it was like a breath of fresh air and I knew instantly that I had found my sisters,” Ciccarelli said. “Everyone was just so kind, funny and even though we just met, it felt as if I had known them all my life.”

Ciccarelli said that Theta has brought her out of her shell, and she cannot imagine what she would do without Theta.

“When I look back at my favorite moments of college so far, they all involve Theta and my sisters,” Ciccarelli said. “I am so excited for the journey ahead of me.”

Ciccarelli’s favorite memory at K-State is homecoming. She said that it was exciting getting to participate in the Greek community.

“It really made me feel like a part of the Wildcat family,” Ciccarelli said. “And winning was not too bad either.”









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