Meet Kathryn Githens

Kathryn Githens is a senior majoring in relational communication studies with a minor in leadership studies. Githens said that she chose this major because after she met with the head of the department while she was open option, she felt like a puzzle piece that had finally found the spot where it fit in.

“This major not only matches my desire to communicate and communicate well, but it also taps into my desire to know and understand people better,” Githens said. “It goes beyond creating communication and studies why it is an integral part of our lives and how it effects everything.”

After she graduates, Githens said that she will be going on the World Race. Githens will be backpacking and camping through Africa, Asia, Central America, and the Caribbean.

“While on the World Race I will be doing things like sharing the gospel, holding church services, teaching in schools, building and construction projects and much more,” Githens said.

After she returns from the World Race, Githens said that she plans on going to grad school at Arizona State University to pursue her PhD in Intercultural Communication Studies.

Githens is involved in a church community on campus known as Ichthus. She also works at the Beach Museum of Art on campus where she helps with events and learns about the galleries and current exhibits.

“Ichthus gave me a home and a community that challenges me to be a better person and to get to know others who may not be in my initial circles at K State,” Githens said. “Working at the Beach Museum has encouraged my affinity for art and helped expand my knowledge on art. I have also had the opportunity to create relationships and networks that will help me in the future.”

Githens said that every Thursday she goes to Ogden and volunteers at the Youth Group they host at the Community Center.

“We play games and teach God’s word,” Githens said. “I was even able to teach Romans to them a few weeks back. I have grown to know those kids really well and love them very much.”

Githens said that what she will miss most about Theta is the people and the opportunity to meet the most unique, genuine, and kind women at Kansas State.

“If it was not for Theta I probably would have transferred back to Texas after my freshman year,” Githens said. “From an amazing Theta family to friends who brought me into their church community, I have been continuously loved on and cared for by the women of Kappa Alpha Theta in the most genuine and sincere ways. Theta provided me the opportunity to make Manhattan truly feel like home.”











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