Meet Sarah Wood

Sarah Wood is a senior majoring in communications sciences and disorders. Wood is graduating in December and will then be going to graduate school.

“I chose this major because I really enjoy learning about speech mechanisms, as well as the anatomy of the speech system,” Wood said.

Wood is from Paducah, Kentucky, but will be traveling to New York City this summer with her dad.

Wood’s dream vacation is to travel to Bora Bora, and her dream job is to be a speech therapist.

Wood is involved in the K-State Student Speech, Hearing and Language Association Club, Gerontology Club, Honors Society, is a research assistant and is a Rainbows United special needs volunteer.

“These clubs have taught me to be time efficient and to experience a variety of perspectives,” Wood said.

Wood said that her favorite memory at K-State is getting her big, little and g-little in Theta.

“Sarah, aka Woody, was the first theta who really welcomed me,” Melissa Hollar said. “She was my bid day buddy and she instantly made me feel loved and welcomed. Living with her my freshman year in house was awesome because we got so much closer as big/little. She is so dedicated to her major and studies like crazy. If I could not find her in our room, she was either in the study room or the little library. We have had so many life talks and I feel like she is there for me unconditionally.”

Wood said that she choose Theta because it felt like home and she could see herself experiencing college in the house with the girls.

“Theta has taught me to manage my time, to be there for others and to know I will always have someone,” Wood said. “It has taught me how to be more confident and motivated.”





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