February Big/Little of the Month

February’s big/little pair of the month is Kenzie Hemmert and Morgan Jones. Kenzie is a sophomore majoring in elementary education, and Morgan is a junior majoring in human resource management with a minor in leadership studies.

Kenzie’s favorite memory with Morgan was having Morgan as her bid-day buddy. She said that she was so excited to be joining Theta and having Morgan as one of her first friends made her experience in Theta that much greater.

“That first night we went to Sonic and Manhattan Hill and it is one of my very first and favorite memories I have at K-State,” Kenzie said.

Morgan’s favorite memory with Kenzie was big/little reveal. She said that she loved surprising Kenzie after the clues during reveal week.

Kenzie said that Morgan’s best quality is that she has a really bubbly personality, which she adores.

“I love that Morgan is always so fun and enjoyable to be around. No matter what we are doing, I always have a great time with her,” Kenzie said. “She can definitely light up the room with her presence.”

Morgan said that she likes how genuine and passionate Kenzie is about everything that she is involved in.

“Kenzie is the most kind person I know,” Morgan said. “She is always smiling and asking about your life, rather than talking about hers.”

Kenzie said that what makes Morgan a good big is that she has always been a really great friend to her.

“I can go to her with anything and I know she is always there for me,” Kenzie said. “She brings me so much happiness.”

Morgan said that what makes Kenzie a good little is that even if they do not talk every day, Kenzie never fails to put a smile on her face and make her feel loved.





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