Meet Laura Apel

Laura Apel is a sophomore majoring in hospitality management and minoring in business and leadership studies with a nonprofit focus. She said that she chose this major because she has always loved planning events whether it is birthday parties or graduation parties. Apel said that she would spend at least 3 months planning out all the details to her birthday parties in middle and high school. She said that she also has a passion for helping people.

Apel is the Union Program Council co-chair for films, a leader for the K-State Travel and Dining Auction, a member of Kappa Omicron Nu and she also attends Christian Challenge and Crestview.

“Being a part of UPC is a really cool experience because you get to plan events for campus and give back to K-State students by offering them fun events throughout the week,” Apel said. “Being in UPC and the Travel and Dining Auction gives me great leadership skills and helps me learn how to work with other people on projects.”

Apel said that her favorite memory at K-State so far is having bedtime stories with her roommates.

“One time I ordered a kids meal at Chick-fil-a and it came with a picture book, so we read it before bed just for fun,” Apel said. “We all thought it was so cute because it brought us back to when we were kids, so ever since then we have read a bedtime story every night.”

Apel said that she picked Theta because everyone that she had met was kind and genuine.

“It wasn’t until I had my first chapter dinner during the recruitment process when I sat next to Lizzy Martino that I knew Theta was the one for me,” Apel said. “She was the sweetest person I had ever met and her caring heart was so big. I don’t know if I felt it when I first joined, but now whenever I am at Theta I feel at home.”

Apel said that Theta has allowed her to get to know wonderful people that she would not have met otherwise.

“It has given me more confidence in myself and helped me to believe that I can do whatever I put my mind to,” Apel said. “It has also given me a fantastic group of Royals fans to watch games with.”


One thought on “Meet Laura Apel

  1. Laura posts the best messages in our Member Class Groupme, and they always make me laugh! Also her ability to study in one room and watch baseball games in another room at the same time is enviable! You rock Laura


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