Meet Elizabeth Hayes

Elizabeth Hayes is a freshman majoring in mass communications and minoring in dance. She said that she chose this major because she loves to be creative and work with people, and because it is a field that is always growing and changing. She chose to minor in dance because it is something that she loves to do and wants to keep in her life.

Hayes is involved in St. Isadore’s, Catalyst, KanDance, intermural volleyball, the Honors Program and Kappa Alpha Theta.

“The activities I have joined have made it possible for me to grow in different areas of my life and to meet new friends that share the same interests as me,” Hayes said. “I love getting to see how people of different lifestyles come together to enjoy the same types of activities.”

Hayes said that her favorite memory at Kansas State University so far was the football game that she attended with her dad during Theta’s dad’s weekend.

“My family was raised KU fans, a tragedy I know, so my dad had never experienced any of the K-State traditions,” Hayes said. “I loved being at the game and teaching him the wabash, fight song and converting him to a K-State fan.”

Hayes said that she picked Theta because she felt automatically accepted. She said that after she made the choice to be a Theta, she has been reminded daily that she made the right decision.

“Theta has really helped me make great friends really quickly,” Hayes said. “I loved participating in the homecoming activities and seeing all the Thetas come together so enthusiastically. I also think that Theta is great because so many girls in it are involved in other organizations.”



3 thoughts on “Meet Elizabeth Hayes

  1. Liz – I’m so happy that you love college and are doing so well. Even though we don’t get to see you much you will always be close in my heart no matter how far apart! You are a wonderful talented compassion gal who I am proud to have as my niece.


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