Greek Week

Every year, the Greek community at Kansas State University teams up to support one philanthropy and participates in activities for Greek Week. This year, the Greek community came together to raise money for the Manhattan branch of Habitat for Humanity.

This year, Greek Week took place the week of February 21 through February 26. This year’s theme for the week was Survivor. The sororities and fraternities were first paired up. Then each pairing was given a color and given an animal as its mascot. Kappa Alpha Theta was paired with Sigma Phi Epsilon and Beta Sigma Psi. Our team name was the Burgundy Badgers.

The first day, Feb. 21, was Dine for a Cause. Members could eat at Smashburger, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, Jeff’s Pizza Shop or Orange Leaf and a portion of the tab would be donated. Sunday was also the start of Penny Wars. Everyday during Greek Week there were jars labeled with each team name set out where the events were taking places. Teams were trying to raise as many pennies as possible. Teams could put quarters, dimes, nickels, or bills into other teams’ jars causing them to lose points.

On Feb. 22, Survivor games were held at the Recreation Complex. Two members of each house participated in either a trivia, athletic or scavenger hunt challenge. Penny Wars also continued at a table set up in the Kansas State University Union, where there was also a Greek giveaway.

The third day, Feb. 23, free hot chocolate was given away outside of Hale Library. Penny Wars the Greek giveaway continued. Greek giveaway items varied from items such as USB car chargers, yo-yos, highlighters and stickers.

Feb. 24 at McCain Auditorium was Greek’s Got Talent. Tickets were five dollars each, and the money raised was donated. Each team selected one act to preform to try to win over the judges. The Burgundy Badgers got second place with “Bachelor the Musical.”

“Greek’s Got Talent was definitely my favorite part,” Leah Fields, sophomore in family studies and human services, said. “Since I have been helping plan Greek Week since the beginning of the semester, it was really cool seeing everything fall into place.”

There was a social media challenge on Feb. 25 where members of the Greek community could tweet using the hash tag #whyimgreek, their team name and mentioning the Greek Week twitter account. All members were encouraged to post and the team with the most points won. The Burgundy Badgers received first place in the first social media challenge.

The second part to the social media challenge was to find the most creative place to take a picture with the team flag. The Burgundy Badgers chose to go to the Beach Museum and dress as if they were on the beach, despite the cold weather. The Burgundy Badgers got third place on the second social media challenge.

Feb. 26 was the final day for Penny Wars, and the winners were announced at a bonfire at Britt’s Farm in the evening. Members of the houses collected money for their teams until the very last second. Teams brought in hundreds of dollars worth of pennies and other change to try to take down competitors.

That evening at the bonfire, it was announced that the Burgundy Badgers got first place. Even though the team dropped dramatically in Penny Wars on Friday, the team only had to raise five dollars to keep the lead.

“I was just so proud of Theta,” Fields said. “It made me really happy seeing everything turn out successful. It made the all of the stress of planning it worth it. I felt like a proud mom.”

Kappa Alpha Theta not only won Homecoming earlier in the year, but kept up the trend to win Greek Week as well.

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“Theta is full of passionate women who are not willing to give anything but their best in everything we do,” Samantha Thomas, junior in family studies and human services, said. “Being a champion is more than just showing up and doing well. It is about caring and being willing to go above and beyond. We are united and that is an incredible feeling.”

Meet Sarah Wood

Sarah Wood is a senior majoring in communications sciences and disorders. Wood is graduating in December and will then be going to graduate school.

“I chose this major because I really enjoy learning about speech mechanisms, as well as the anatomy of the speech system,” Wood said.

Wood is from Paducah, Kentucky, but will be traveling to New York City this summer with her dad.

Wood’s dream vacation is to travel to Bora Bora, and her dream job is to be a speech therapist.

Wood is involved in the K-State Student Speech, Hearing and Language Association Club, Gerontology Club, Honors Society, is a research assistant and is a Rainbows United special needs volunteer.

“These clubs have taught me to be time efficient and to experience a variety of perspectives,” Wood said.

Wood said that her favorite memory at K-State is getting her big, little and g-little in Theta.

“Sarah, aka Woody, was the first theta who really welcomed me,” Melissa Hollar said. “She was my bid day buddy and she instantly made me feel loved and welcomed. Living with her my freshman year in house was awesome because we got so much closer as big/little. She is so dedicated to her major and studies like crazy. If I could not find her in our room, she was either in the study room or the little library. We have had so many life talks and I feel like she is there for me unconditionally.”

Wood said that she choose Theta because it felt like home and she could see herself experiencing college in the house with the girls.

“Theta has taught me to manage my time, to be there for others and to know I will always have someone,” Wood said. “It has taught me how to be more confident and motivated.”




February Big/Little of the Month

February’s big/little pair of the month is Kenzie Hemmert and Morgan Jones. Kenzie is a sophomore majoring in elementary education, and Morgan is a junior majoring in human resource management with a minor in leadership studies.

Kenzie’s favorite memory with Morgan was having Morgan as her bid-day buddy. She said that she was so excited to be joining Theta and having Morgan as one of her first friends made her experience in Theta that much greater.

“That first night we went to Sonic and Manhattan Hill and it is one of my very first and favorite memories I have at K-State,” Kenzie said.

Morgan’s favorite memory with Kenzie was big/little reveal. She said that she loved surprising Kenzie after the clues during reveal week.

Kenzie said that Morgan’s best quality is that she has a really bubbly personality, which she adores.

“I love that Morgan is always so fun and enjoyable to be around. No matter what we are doing, I always have a great time with her,” Kenzie said. “She can definitely light up the room with her presence.”

Morgan said that she likes how genuine and passionate Kenzie is about everything that she is involved in.

“Kenzie is the most kind person I know,” Morgan said. “She is always smiling and asking about your life, rather than talking about hers.”

Kenzie said that what makes Morgan a good big is that she has always been a really great friend to her.

“I can go to her with anything and I know she is always there for me,” Kenzie said. “She brings me so much happiness.”

Morgan said that what makes Kenzie a good little is that even if they do not talk every day, Kenzie never fails to put a smile on her face and make her feel loved.




Meet Laura Apel

Laura Apel is a sophomore majoring in hospitality management and minoring in business and leadership studies with a nonprofit focus. She said that she chose this major because she has always loved planning events whether it is birthday parties or graduation parties. Apel said that she would spend at least 3 months planning out all the details to her birthday parties in middle and high school. She said that she also has a passion for helping people.

Apel is the Union Program Council co-chair for films, a leader for the K-State Travel and Dining Auction, a member of Kappa Omicron Nu and she also attends Christian Challenge and Crestview.

“Being a part of UPC is a really cool experience because you get to plan events for campus and give back to K-State students by offering them fun events throughout the week,” Apel said. “Being in UPC and the Travel and Dining Auction gives me great leadership skills and helps me learn how to work with other people on projects.”

Apel said that her favorite memory at K-State so far is having bedtime stories with her roommates.

“One time I ordered a kids meal at Chick-fil-a and it came with a picture book, so we read it before bed just for fun,” Apel said. “We all thought it was so cute because it brought us back to when we were kids, so ever since then we have read a bedtime story every night.”

Apel said that she picked Theta because everyone that she had met was kind and genuine.

“It wasn’t until I had my first chapter dinner during the recruitment process when I sat next to Lizzy Martino that I knew Theta was the one for me,” Apel said. “She was the sweetest person I had ever met and her caring heart was so big. I don’t know if I felt it when I first joined, but now whenever I am at Theta I feel at home.”

Apel said that Theta has allowed her to get to know wonderful people that she would not have met otherwise.

“It has given me more confidence in myself and helped me to believe that I can do whatever I put my mind to,” Apel said. “It has also given me a fantastic group of Royals fans to watch games with.”


Meet Elizabeth Hayes

Elizabeth Hayes is a freshman majoring in mass communications and minoring in dance. She said that she chose this major because she loves to be creative and work with people, and because it is a field that is always growing and changing. She chose to minor in dance because it is something that she loves to do and wants to keep in her life.

Hayes is involved in St. Isadore’s, Catalyst, KanDance, intermural volleyball, the Honors Program and Kappa Alpha Theta.

“The activities I have joined have made it possible for me to grow in different areas of my life and to meet new friends that share the same interests as me,” Hayes said. “I love getting to see how people of different lifestyles come together to enjoy the same types of activities.”

Hayes said that her favorite memory at Kansas State University so far was the football game that she attended with her dad during Theta’s dad’s weekend.

“My family was raised KU fans, a tragedy I know, so my dad had never experienced any of the K-State traditions,” Hayes said. “I loved being at the game and teaching him the wabash, fight song and converting him to a K-State fan.”

Hayes said that she picked Theta because she felt automatically accepted. She said that after she made the choice to be a Theta, she has been reminded daily that she made the right decision.

“Theta has really helped me make great friends really quickly,” Hayes said. “I loved participating in the homecoming activities and seeing all the Thetas come together so enthusiastically. I also think that Theta is great because so many girls in it are involved in other organizations.”